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Subject: 4999...

Written By: philbo on 06/09/04 at 8:34 am

Just noticed - I'm on 4999 votes, one off the 5000 :-)

I was going to post a note like this once I hit the big 5Gs, but it seems somehow better to catch it just beforehand.

Anyway, many thanks to whoever has voted for my songs over the past couple of years, bad votes and good (well, maybe more thanks to those who voted 5s rather than 1s ;)), and special thanks to whoever reads this first and goes and gives me by 5000th vote :)

In a way, it's kind of nicer to hit a milestone like this than xxx number of parodies - the number of parodies is down to me and me only; garnering 5000 votes says more about what everybody else out there thinks.

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


Subject: Re: 4999...

Written By: Peregrin on 06/09/04 at 8:52 am

Congrats Phil  :)

Maybe it was me, I just gave you 5's for "What To Wear On Mars",and what a great song to choose to parody (as Mer and I well know)  :)

Subject: Re: 4999...

Written By: PRobinson on 06/09/04 at 5:28 pm

Congrats, Philbo,  5K is a substantial number just about any way you try to look at it. 

Subject: Re: 4999...

Written By: Johnny_D on 06/09/04 at 5:32 pm

Wow, good show, Philbo!  ;D

Subject: Re: 4999...

Written By: Rick D on 06/09/04 at 6:03 pm

I tried, but I'm sure someone beat me to it. Also noteworthy is the fact now 301 people have at least ten parodies on here. Quite a monster Chuckie created.

Subject: Re: 4999...

Written By: philbo on 06/10/04 at 6:02 pm

Well, a whole ten new votes turned up :)  Only another year-and-a-half at that rate till I get to 10k

Yes, Rick - amiright seems to be growing exponentially at the moment: there's more writers turning out more parodies per writer than any time I can remember.  And there are so many good ones, too - don't know about you, but I find it hard to keep up.

Subject: Re: 4999...

Written By: 2nz on 06/10/04 at 10:52 pm

Good show, Philbo. I've given up trying to keep up with this site. Not even the server could do that for a while. You know you've created a monster website when the server it runs on goes on strike to demand better color schemes and cooler-looking smiley faces.  :D ;D >:( ::) :o :-\\ ;) Anyways, congrads on reaching the big 5-0... 0-0.

Subject: Re: 4999...

Written By: EthanM on 06/14/04 at 8:56 pm

Congrats phil... i think i've got at least another year until i hit 5000 votes at the rate i've been going lately

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