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Subject: 2 years on Amiright - memories

Written By: EthanM on 06/29/04 at 9:24 pm

2 years ago today(almost 2 years after amiright started collecting parodies), parodies that i had written found their way onto the front page of amiright, for the most part being ignored. Which is ok since they really weren't all that good anyway but i was still encouraged by the occasional votes i did get and the hundreds of parodies written by William Tong and STG and started writing at a faster pace (20 over a couple of months) than i had except possibly when i first started writing 5 years ago. When the summer was over i thought i would take the semester off from writing since i was going to spain but a light workload and access to a computer lab somehow led to me writing about 65 parodies that semester. I couldn't believe that i did that and then i managed to write just as much my second semester in spain. Then i slowed down a bit, concentrating more on writing parodies of current hits which people outside of amiright are more interested in hearing so i "only" wrote 100 parodies in my second year. I'm still not sure how i've written so much but i know i wouldn't have done it without amiright. I also know that reading parodies submitted as well as the early articles by william tong, darkjon64 and stg helped with my style and pacing (and pacing is the key to "singability") I can't say i owe all of my crreative success to amiright but it has helped a lot. Now if i could only translate personal creative success into financial success

    For everyone who hasn't been here forever like me, amiright has changed a lot over the last two years. It went from about 5000 (maybe less) parodies to over 20,000. When i submitted my 50th parody in august of 2002 only 5 people (will tong, philbo, darkjon, jim a, and stg) had submitted 50 parodies and you can take a look at how that has changed on the amiright parody authors page. The parody authors list started in fall of 2002 around the same time that the top 5 parody lists turned into the top 10 lists. People came and went and sometimes came back again over the course of 2 years but it seems like more people came than stayed and the amiright community in general got better at the technical art of parody, older, less inclined to know current music, and more dirty-minded (much of which is thanks to malcolm higgins and his adventures with mysterious hobbits). Whether it's better than before is a matter of opinion but its certainly different

I've wriiten enough anyone else want to share their memories of amiright from a while back?

Subject: Re: 2 years on Amiright - memories

Written By: STG on 06/30/04 at 12:58 pm

I remember all the feuds that were spawned on this site. One in particular was with DarkJon64. He wrote a parody called "Supersize" and I wrote a parody of the same song called "Supersized". I thought he was trying to copycat my work, so I got in a heated arguement, but then after saettling things down we managed to come out with a kick-butt parody "Good/Bad Conscience" which has to be one of my favorites.

Subject: Re: 2 years on Amiright - memories

Written By: Jared on 06/30/04 at 8:59 pm memories of my time at AmIRight.....well, let's see

:) Meeting Rice Cube on AIM after getting his handfle off his profile.....Cube tiurned out to be a great guy, and someone I could always count on as a friend and ally in the parody business.  Much thanks to the Cubester.

:)  Relizing I've been managing to assemble a regular fanbase for my wotk: Rice Cube, K1chyd, Laurence Dunne, the Hobbitses, and Serafina seem to be among my most consistent commenters. Thanks gang

>:( Whose Thong (or Song) is it Anyway?:  "Stacy's Thong" was my parody of "Stacy's Mom"..I thought it was pretty good...and apparently so did Katie.  She shows up with "Nicole's Thong", which was almost word-for-word, my parody  (Don't bother checking, Chucky took it down)  I was surprised at the siuupport I managed to drum up in the comments section.  Made me realize that maybe I was more respected here than I thought.  Oh, on the subject of Katie.....

8) Writing "She Went And Stole My Song"..this was my first attempt at a  retaliation parody, and it turned out to do pretty well

:o Being CONSTANTLY confused with Jared Lerner (anyone heard from him lately?) got irritating, and it seemd like it was ruining my rep, and possibly his, cause people thought his and my songs were by the same guy.  Two people, I never use a last name on my parody credits,s o there .

:) "Playing" at Slobzfest..that was just tons of fun

:o Scoring solid fives after twenty votes on "Please No More Uranus"..I never exoected those kinds of results before

8) Finding out the Merry & Pippin secret...and no, I'm not telling  :P

Subject: Re: 2 years on Amiright - memories

Written By: Billy Florio on 07/01/04 at 5:49 pm

well, theres only one other writer on this site thats been here longer than me (and still is here) and thats STG (not counting Jeff Reuben, because there was a big gap between him now and when he started with one song)....Ive been here sincee about 6 months after the site started.

I have many memories of this site, but I dont feel like listing them all....most revolve around my first hit "Wh*re on the corner", the feud between My borther and William Tong, which dragged everyone in, including myself and Malcolm, and Sioux Demin....the amiright awards.....the Merry and Pippin thing....there are alot more......

egh..and going through all these memories, I realize I should really write a new parody

Subject: Re: 2 years on Amiright - memories

Written By: ... on 07/12/04 at 1:30 pm

:)  Relizing I've been managing to assemble a regular fanbase for my wotk: Rice Cube, K1chyd, Laurence Dunne, the Hobbitses, and Serafina seem to be among my most consistent commenters. Thanks gang

I, the "Ellipsis" guy, am also a frequent commenter; I think I've commented on some of your stuff.

Subject: Re: 2 years on Amiright - memories

Written By: STG on 07/12/04 at 2:52 pm

when I won the frist AmIRight award as Best 90s parody (bong song)
and Best Parody Artist it was just so uplifting

Subject: Re: 2 years on Amiright - memories

Written By: philbo on 07/13/04 at 5:45 am

Missed this when you first posted it, Ethan... very thoughtful.

IKWYM about the changes at amiright, there has definitely been a trend away from current songs (I remember at one point back in the mists of ancient time going through the top-20 billboard to scan for a song as a profile-raiser... you'd be more likely to do it the other way round now).

I'd say that the techical competence now is way higher than it used to be: there are daily examples of excellence which a couple of years ago would have stood out as exceptional.  Speaking for myself, I've just scanned though my first fifty parodies in order of submission (thanks, Chucky!), and I've realised that I've improved, too - the skill of taking an idea and turning it into a parody with added wit, bite and wordplay has been honed over the years... but keeping things original is getting harder and harder.

This introspective navel-gazing is interesting... I've just had a look through the data and realized that since I submitted my first parody in September 2001, I haven't missed a single month, and I've been getting generally more prolific with the years:

A chart of my parody submissions by date

And now even my children have started writing parodies... (well, my eldest has been writing them for a while now, but it's her brother that's really got into posting them at amiright).

Subject: Re: 2 years on Amiright - memories

Written By: EmiLoca on 07/13/04 at 4:31 pm

You made a CHART?!?  :o

Just stopping by for a brief history lesson.  It's amazing how much this site has evolved, from what I've read so far.  I'm certainly glad to be a part of such a growing tradition, and maybe it'll even be around when I have my ownchildren! *ponders*  Then again, it might lose popularity during the next 9 months... 

Subject: Re: 2 years on Amiright - memories

Written By: philbo on 07/13/04 at 5:45 pm

You made a CHART?!?  :o

Why not?  It took no time at all, really: five lines of code, results copied and pasted into Excel and hit "Insert Chart"... I spent more time finding colours I liked than creating the thing ;)

Subject: Re: 2 years on Amiright - memories

Written By: SI-MAE on 07/14/04 at 12:06 pm


As a band we of SI-MAE haven't been here very long, but we have quite a few memories.

1. Our first parody, a spoof of "I Miss You" by Blink182. Not many people really liked it, but it has decent ratings.
2. Submitted Second Parody, the D12 one.
3. Discovered wedding on message board for "Hittin' on EmiLoca". Promptly crashed wedding.
4. Brief hate war with Spindler, basically just Apricot. Phased out quickly.
5. Made mistake of advertising on inthe00s. Hate war with philbo began. Not quite finished. I'm in on this one.
6. EmiLoca and Ralphing break up. Most likely the fault of Apricot. In fact, I'm positive it was. Everything went downhill after he showed up.
7. Current day. Working on multiple parodies, out soon.

I believe that's it. Later days!

Subject: Re: 2 years on Amiright - memories

Written By: K1chyd on 07/16/04 at 9:44 am

I discovered AmiRight when some friends from the science fiction cartoon parody site started sending me links to parodies they had found and liked. I had already written som sci-fi themed parodies for my own (and their) amusement so it was a natural step to start submitting here as well. (That bit´s quoted from my personal intro. Lazy bastard ain´t I?)

Then came the Amiright Survivor contest lead by none other than this here threadstarter Ethan. I sign up thinking that if I did my absolute best I could possibly survive one or two rounds, not being a native-speaker/writer and all, but before I really knew how that had happened I was in the (never settled) final against Philbo! Now that was a kick! I´ve more or less dropped writing parodies in Swedish since then, this place i much funnier and the community is bigger and the chance that at least someone will recognise the originals I decide to work with is bigger and... well... writing in english is just funnier I guess. Having to contemplate and/or look up even more words than you natives have to sometimes make me find strange puns in the most unexspected places.

So Ethan´s the main man to blame for me being a regular here.

I probably would have become than sooner or later anyway, or at least I like to think so, but that contest speeded things up a bit. And it was also the fact that I (but not just me but a bunch of other Swedes and Europenas too) had a huge fallout with some of the numerologically dominant Americans over at Sevilization. Our Swedish most-probably-prime-minister-to-be-would-have-been-by-now was killed in public on september 11 last year, and we were upset about it in the main forum, and they basically told us that sheesh happens and she´s only one person and this was their day to morn their 3000 dead! So we told them that some 30´000 pps were killed on september 11 in Chile in the early 70´s in a coup staged by the CIA (that is historical fact, I´m not making a political statement here) and that wasn´t "their" day to begin with. Things totally got out of hand and pps became... let´s call it non-friends. And there´s another argument for avoiding diskussing politics in any forum.

Let´s just make fun of politicans whoever they are, that´s my philosphy at the few and rare times I touch the subject nowadays. (Pacholek´s current project to do every single American president is an interesting take though).

Well, I felt I had some seven-year-itch from that place anyway so I more or less transfered myself here. And I like it here so I´ll be around as much as I can. If you don´t like that, blame Ethan! ;-)

Subject: Re: 2 years on Amiright - memories

Written By: STG on 07/20/04 at 10:56 pm

My biggest memory is probably when I received the Lifetime Achievement Award
(first one ever, second awards session)

I really appreciate the people who still vote and comment on my parodies. And those people are mainly.....
Billy and Mike Florio, Ghetto John (my brother in humor), Xander(crazy rapping Brit), lebwei15 (my dawg), and Wolverose (along with me as co-founder of DGWP)

And another is when I broke 300+

Subject: Re: 2 years on Amiright - memories

Written By: Ghetto John on 07/22/04 at 9:47 am

I'm probally one of the odd balls of this site. but since we are all odd balls i guess thats ok.

Probally one of my fondest memories here at Amiright is back when there was only a top 5, and my song Socks went as high as number 3. After that It took me a while to resurface into the top 5 later changed to the top 10.  But surprisingly I have had quite a few number 1's

I remember all the times when I would read one of S.T.G'S parodies and think.."d*mn why didnt I write that?"

I'll never forget when I jumped out on a limb and tried to get some attention by taking part in voting fraud.....I feel that kind of hurt me in more then one ways. I almost got banned from the site, and all my songs would have been deleted. wheuw...Chucky G has forgiven me.....aww that feels good!

We Are The this day my biggest hit! I loved the feeling I got....I mean sure it got roughly about 50 or so votes... but to me thats awshum.

All the personal favs were the ones did w/ my crew... dgwp. and of course my Icon S.T.G.

When Monaco Chris passed away, the outpouring of support was more then enough to help a guy through, and it constantly reassures me that this is the greatest website ever.

And last but not least getting nominated 2 times for Best Recording and Best Duet w/ S.T.G.

Its been a wild ride....but in these times of reflection, I have to remember that the site has changed, I have changed, but the constant crave to lol as we destroy songs in the form of parodies, well that will never change.

Peace---Ghetto John

Subject: Re: 2 years on Amiright - memories

Written By: xander999 on 07/24/04 at 4:03 pm

I remember the 'page cannot be displayed'


'Your modem is buggered up.'


Subject: Re: 2 years on Amiright - memories

Written By: Ripp on 07/24/04 at 4:19 pm

Memories...I dunno! I don't think there has been anything exciting during my stay here at, which i'll be leaving for a week (see "Going on holiday - 7th August!" by me on the PPP board).

:) I think the greatest memory is seeing this board change to something great and seeing you guys all back together.
:'( Seeing people leave or people have arguments
:) I felt so happy with seeing people reply to my topics. Once I felt like people didn't like my topics, and so I got angry, in which the long hiatus from this website came.

I just am happy now that we're all back together, really.

Am I right?

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