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Subject: Need Your Help With Oprah and Martha

Written By: cougardawg5 on 08/01/04 at 3:33 pm

Hi all!

First, many thanks for the assistance that you provided me for my Judy Garland/Paris & Nicole parody.  "If We Only Had A Brain" was a huge hit and it's thanks to you.  I'll be happy to post the results if ya like!

It was so successful that I have been asked to write two skits for th closing night of our theater camp.  While it's an honor, it's a lot of pressure for a 16 yr old kid!  I would really appreciate any ideas you folks might have for the next two celebrities I've decided to work on:

Oprah - Judy goes on Oprah's show and the topic turns to food (wow..what a suprise!).  I had written part of a parody of Vanessa William's "Save The Best For Last" about her love for KFC called "Save The Breast For Last".  But after a few lines, it got stale.  I would like a food or weight kind of parody.  An song suggestions?

Next...Martha!  Judy visit's her in jail.  I started using law songs like "I Fought The Law and The Law Won" and "Back On The Chain Gang" and they didn't pan out.  It doesn't have to be a law theme.  I'd like to do a parody of her crafting (crusted Cranberry-Wheat muffins, decorative holiday door hangings, walls in ecru).  I was thinking of "My Favorite Things" from "Sound of Music".

Any suggestions are much appreciated.  If anyone wants to colllaborate,please drop me an email here!  Thanks for all your expert help!

Subject: Re: Need Your Help With Oprah and Martha

Written By: marthadtox3 on 08/01/04 at 5:48 pm

Hi this was written a while back  needs updating...

good luck ... break a leg


"Mustang Sally" Based on the performance by Wilson Pickett
"Goddess of Greed" Parody by MarthaDTox

When the phone rang Martha
Did he tell you sell cos they're going down?
Its gonna be a disaster baby
I heard it on the grapevine they're goin down
Did he tell you phone your broker today
Cos Imclone stock's been shafted by the FDA ?

Well Martha you sure did tell us
now listen hear my advice
If all you ladies wanna keep your man
Just be a Stepford Wife
Yeah you sure did tell us
How we all ought to stop our messin' around
You said get busy with some flower arrangin'
While you were keepin' busy with your insider tradin' on the Dow


all you've got to is give it up Martha
you lied Martha you lied
repeat line one
you to took us for a ride Martha a ride
repeat line 1
forget that fooolish pride Martha your pride
repeat line 1
or you'll wind up inside Martha inside

I guess domesticity just ain't so appealin'
Compared to a nice bit of insider dealin' on the Dow

Well Martha I hear what you say now
I've quit the Mother's Union
You've really shown me the way now
It's my Bloomberg subs I'll be renewin'
You sure did tell us
How we all ought to keep our feet on the ground
But I ain't gonna sit here creamin' my cuticles
While you're busy creamin' it with pharmaceuticals on the Dow

Repeat chorus

I'm gonna buy me some sexual healin'
And a nice red Mustang with my insider dealin' on the Dow

Oh please Martha – won't you just show me how…????????????????


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