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Subject: Is anyone here interested in writing poetry?

Written By: adagio on 09/20/04 at 10:13 am

On my website, I have a section for(clean) poems that can be posted on by anybody (You have to join first).  I'm a beginner, so don't feel as if it has to be almost published.  My website is
There are no cartoons...that's just the name I got stuck with.

Subject: Re: Is anyone here interested in writing poetry?

Written By: 2nz on 09/20/04 at 11:59 pm

Hey Pat. I used to write poems way back when I was in high school and had a lot of confusion and anger rolling around in my head. It was a good way to vent at the time. It was free-style and it was, I guess, the VERY beginning of my lyrical interest. I can't find most of my recent stuff, but I do have one about a section of the world I'm designing for a supposed novel. I've been in the process of writing the first chapter of a sci-fi novel loosely inspired by LOTR for about two years. I should just sit down and write the damn thing before the ideas go to waste, but here's poem about a small, seven-section area of the world I designed. Each area named (meaning the nouns that no one has ever heard of) stands for a location (a town, a forest, an abandoned temple, a lake...) in this world.

::)                           ::)                           ::)
I'm pretty deep into the 'design' of this world if you hadn't noticed. It will have to be my little obsession until it gets written. Anyhow, here ya go:

Along the hills and rolling shore
    The giant found his way
    He trod a path each day
And seven more there were before
    He drowsy slept away

Manwell was mumbled in his dream
    It’s hills were clear and fare
    So long he lingered there
The sun-made rainbow tangled stream
    With lush green-growing hair

Then roll he did the stream could flow
    To trees with elven mark
    The shade was warm and dark
This dream-filled forest was Mero
    And sun fell through as spark

Beyond the water split in two
    He took a mighty breath
    The stale cold swamp Bedreth
He drank and dreamed beside great blue
    The smell was filled with death

He quickly learned as quick he turned
    To forest at his feet
    Which pine and fir did greet.
Cethedral where in sleep he earned
    A place with elven seat.

He slept once more and rolled and bore
    The mountains in his wake
    Rust, rumble quake and shake
From broken east was named Kjeldor
    Protected by the break

The giant dreamed this quiet spot
    A silence came and found him
    One temple formed around him
Glad rest had come where growth could not
    It’s name was Zoya sound and grim

Then land went South and drifted far
    A forest left to sleep
    The giant’s rest was deep
This humble place called Dornomar
    Where souls have found a keep

So rest he did, until he died
    The winds through trees and sky
    His final lullaby
Eternal dream, his smile wide
    Let others wonder why

Subject: Re: Is anyone here interested in writing poetry?

Written By: adagio on 09/21/04 at 9:15 am

Great!  a Master!  Sci-fi?  I like sci-fi and mystery...that's a really good poem.  I'm just a beginner...I got the idea from several here who don't know what mine are about when I write deep parodies.  I wrote one that is just poetry and put it on my site. Have you looked over there yet? This looks like it would be a good addition.  I was so lost when it came to poetry that I was looking up sites and so far have only found one useful site. Right now, I too write freestyle.  :)

Subject: Re: Is anyone here interested in writing poetry?

Written By: Rick D on 09/21/04 at 8:16 pm

I have about two hundred poems, or as I like to call them, unfinished songs. Some are experiments in wordplay, but here's one where I tried to be "poetic"

'Tis summer's breeze upon the air
As unknown fragrance wafts to me
I look around to find out where
But source I cannot see

My love in peaceful slumber lies
His face aglow, a quiet snore
Then once again, like something dies
It comes to me once more

What is this strange unnatural wind?
That fouls my homey atmosphere
Then clue on which my wonder pinned
From sound I did now hear

The smallest rumble now perceived
Like thunder from afar
My loved one sighs as if relieved
Beyond the door ajar

As realization dawns on me
As once again the odor sour
I understand what it must be
And growing in it's power

More frequent now, the sounds increase
And fill my heart with fear
And wishing now that they would cease
And that the air would clear

Now desperate, I flee outdoors
Escaping my abode
Then suddenly, a flame outpours
As my love and home explode

Subject: Re: Is anyone here interested in writing poetry?

Written By: Rick D on 09/21/04 at 8:19 pm

If you prefer something a little more serious:


A serenading siren
A flash of red on red
The black of turning wheels
As chrome meets head to head

A cross of the salvation
As obstacles abound
And apathy and egos
That squelch the saving sound

A life is now in limbo
The contest with the clock
The cruel and callous crowd
All counter with the block

Deliver me from evil
My cells abide in cells
I give my life unwillingly
To shells within their shells

Subject: Re: Is anyone here interested in writing poetry?

Written By: adagio on 09/21/04 at 8:24 pm

The idea here is to post them on my website, not here, no contest, just sharing poems with other poets.

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