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Subject: General request for quotes

Written By: K1chyd on 11/05/04 at 1:05 am

To put it short: If any of my parodies makes you think of a good and/or funny quote and especially if you know who said it, feel free to do not hesitate to put/use that quote in the comments field.

The reason: I´m adding a "bonus quote" to every sub-page on my home page. During the last two years I haven´t taken very good care of the old one (and it will soon expire) due to lack of time - which I still suffer from - but during the last three months or so I have now taken a few minutes here and there to fix up, or rather to strip down and clear out all the unnecessaries so that new pages for the new account can be created in around five minutes. For song parody pages that basically means just keeping the song and a somewhat related quote that I like. Here´s an example of a good one (by famous quotable speedmouth "Unknown"):

I´m thinking that there is obviously a lot of quite literate people here on AmIright, and it would surprise me if I´m the only one who´s a sucker for good quotes, so I figured that asking like this could be a good idea.

I don´t know yet exactly how to repay the favor if I use a quote or quotes given this way, maybe I´ll go into the suggestors back catalouge to read/vote for some old parody of his/hers, maybe I´ll post a quote myself as the comment on one of his/hers new when the opportunity comes.

Anyway, thank you for staying with me this far  //  Peter

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