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Subject: Need ratings for my parodies

Written By: Aussie Bloke on 02/11/05 at 8:44 pm

Hi all. Since the foulup that happened last year which many people's parody scores resetted to 0, all of my older parodies have gone to 0 as well. So anyone interested in reading/rating my parodies click on this link .

Now as mentioned I've lost my tolerance for people rating unfairly by giving me all 1s without a comment or brainless comments like "you suck d@$k" so please rate fairly and criticise constructively. I personally admit I'm not the best parody writer but am improving, a lot of my earlier parodies have sheeshhouse pacing and rhyming and I've got a really weird and gross sense of humour as I like taking the mickey out of Aussie ockerism (eversince I heard Chris Franklin's "Bloke") and I like arse/toilet related humour as it's so funny especially pisstakes on those plumbers/fat construction workers who wear lowrider pants that slip down exposing crack, bloody hilarious ;D. And there's a couple of parodies I wish I didn't submit but they're there anyways.


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