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Subject: Message for "Tarja" - who posted a parody fragment

Written By: Peregrin on 10/24/05 at 10:00 pm

Tarja - on the off chance you get to read this :

You posted a song parody fragment - that was somewhat more than a fragment (which is why I didn't approve it) - as it was much more towards a completed parody.

It was based on Aled Jones' (at least, that's who I know it being performed by) "Walking In The Air".  You titled it "Walking On The Road".

You had written :

I'm walking on the road
I'm walking on the yellow line
I'm waiting for a car
To hit me from behind

Far across the road
All the cars go by like trees
I think that I just tripped
And truely wrecked my knees

Children gaze, open mouthed
Scared of all the blood!
Nobody, hears me say these words 'oh crud'

I'm running very fast
I'm hurrying along right now
Tears stream down my face
I'm yelling very loud

Cars all stop, to see my face
I must disagree!
At all of the drunken punks
Throwing stuff at me!

You added :

(that's all I have, kind of random, but how my freind and I thought of it was random too...there you go)

Ah c'mon!  You and your friend have almost finished!  There is some promise in this!  Knowing how delicate the original song is, your version gives me a laugh.

Don't stop now!  Finish it off and post it on the site proper  :)

If you do, you can go here to post it:

PT  ;)

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