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Subject: I’m lost and need to went...

Written By: K1chyd on 10/27/05 at 4:15 am

(And I’m placing this here to see if the subject will spawn any parodies. If the degeneration I’ve picked up on continues, it soon will anyway). :P

Is it just me or is the hit television series ”Lost” suddenly dangerously close to jumping the shark? Over here we’re just three episodes behind the US and unless something dramatically has happened in the last week I’d think so. It’s especially obvious when you follow the female part of the gang.

Kate: Has gone from tough female fugitive that blew the heads of her companions when they no longer were of any use to her, to errand girl for Jack and Locke:
-Go get Sayid, only he can fix the computer, HURRY!
-Yes Massa! Never mind that an experienced stadium runner like you would probably make it faster...

Sun: There was some hints in season one that she had some knowledge in traditional folklore medicin, and that they were gonna set her up as an antipole to Jack’s knowledge of modern surgical procedures. Instead they’re running with this Jack vs Locke, man of science vs man of faith, thing. Does that really interest anyone outside America? Or even the American bible belt?

Shannon: Frankly, the half-hinted, half-incestuous, half-sibling suppressed concupiscence between her and Boone wasn’t that interesting to start with. Unless they make her some sort of herbal disciple of Sun and have her grow hairy legs and smokeable leafs she should be sacrificed to the Polar bears as quickly as possible.

Claire: Not the brightest in bunch is she? Well, at least not when it comes to pick men that knows what sticking around means. When Rousseau walked into the camp and told Charlie he had to run to get help it took him like 30 seconds to leave Claire and the baby alone with her, knowing that she’s a total loon after sixteen years alone and that she had already tried to maim, kill and blow up some of the rest of the survivors.

Charlie: What a dopy! And let’s face it, he was much more interesting as an addict with dubious paternal instincts forced to go off the habit, than he is as an ex-addict set up to rebound, because now that he has a new personal supply of heroin, and knowledge of where the rest is, we know he will, don’t we?

Locke: The rock hard Locke that’s on the island is beginning to be a bit overplayed IMHO, and the flashback episodes where we are to pick up that he’s really a sensitive guy deep down inside are sooo boring that they’ll probably launch Meryl Streep as his mother the next time around.

Jack: It makes perfect sense that the only physician in the group is the one that always takes the biggest physical risks. NOT! Also, with a fast dwindling supply of medical painkillers, how can he avoid to show interest in the supply of heroin out in the jungle?

Hurley: OK, we get it, you’re obsessed with numbers, now go tell the starving, stranded women we haven’t seen yet that you are good for some 200 million dollars, and get yourself a little number on the beach. Stranded whale jokes or not, that would spice up the story and take you back into the game.

Sawyer: An experienced con artist like Sawyer really oughta wait more than 60 seconds before revealing to a new woman in his life that he’s hiding a gun in his back pocket. Puuuhlease!

Sayid: I actually like Sayid. He’s still interesting. But it’s about time someone took a full walk around the whole island, if for nothing else just to get an idea of how big it really is, and I think that Sayid is the one to do that. And if he should happen to find a camp with more interesting survivors he should stay there and never go back.

The dog: Season One: They’re stuck on an island and forced to hunt boars for food, and no-one, NO-ONE, comes up with the idea to try to train the dog to track the boars. OK, so it’s planted for a future eppy where Jin and Sun are so starved that they’ll go after it to turn it into Korean hot dogs, but anyway.

Mike: The one most likely to go on Doctor Phil in a crossover flashback eppy we haven’t seen yet, or when/if they finally get rescued. Additional: That's NOT a good sign!

Jin, Mike and Sawyer: A yellow, a black and a white man sails of and gets stranded in unknown, hostile territory. OK, we get it, it’s an Americans-stuck-in-Iraq parable. And it might have some potential, but when drifting on the flotsam out at sea and Sawyer literally jumped the shark I nearly laughed my derriere off!

// PA

Subject: Re: I’m lost and need to went...

Written By: agrimorfee on 10/28/05 at 7:33 am

These are the most minor--and overreaching--quibbles I have ever seen with respect to complaints about this show. ??? ::)

The only complaint I have was 2-3 weeks ago when Hurley threatened to blow up the food supply. I could understand his character's desperation, but Jorge Garcia didn't really convey that very well. And the ending was a bit mushy.

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