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Subject: Group Parody Time!

Written By: Cat on 02/26/06 at 12:14 pm

So...the first time I tried to do this it got shot down, but I assure you that this time it does not involve any AmIRight writers.

This idea popped into my head when I woke up this morning, since today is the last day of the Olympics and the most-hyped guy to win didn't win anything, I thought it would be only suitable to do a parody about his "wreck" to one of AmIRight's favorite spoof songs. The reason I'm calling on the Monkeys is that way it would be funnier than if I just wrote it alone, and it would also get finished before it becomes irrelevant.

(and if you didn't watch the Olympics, that's NO excuse not to participate. There are PLENTY of Internet news articles about this, is a good place to start)

Here's my contribution:

"The Wreck Of That Dude Bode Miller"

(first verse)
The legend lives on from Torino on down
To the grand slopes of Sestriere Colle
A crazy young drunk shattered hopes with a clunk
And in skiing, projected his folly

(second verse)
'06 was the date, from the Primary State
Came the wildest of all U.S. skiers
Yes, Time and Newsweek made him seem like a freak
But Nike ads hyped him to be fi-erce

(insert 5 other verses here)

(eighth verse)
The fans they all moped, so the coaches just hoped
That in slalom, he'd surely be killer
But it was too late, once he straddled that gate
Came the wreck of that dude Bode Miller!

(ninth verse)
Does anyone know where the medals all go
When our ski team sucks more than is beara(ble)
He should've followed rules like gold-medal chick Jules
(Or perhaps should've worn a tiara!)

(insert 4 more verses here)

(last verse)
His skis weren't sublime, it's a matter of time
'Till he just becomes trivia filler
Is spring training here yet? Hopefully we'll forget
'Bout the wreck of that dude Bode Miller!

Anyone can submit verses for this...and although I saw that the original had 14 verses, some others have more (Spaff's had 15, and the first Monkeys parody of this had an insane number) but it's really up to you just as long as it doesn't get out of hand.

Suggestions for other verses: an event-by-event tracking of his failure to win, getting beat by a Frenchman in the downhill, being upstaged by Ted Ligety (the only US men's gold medal winner)

Good luck!

Subject: Re: Group Parody Time!

Written By: Red Ant on 02/26/06 at 6:09 pm

Well, I'd love to help but you've already have half the parody written. I'll throw in a 'generic' verse (that doesn't pace to any particular verse but could be tweaked) but since I know zip about skiing and am too lazy to look up how things went:

His skills couldn't cope, with that monsterous slope
At the bottom he was thinkin' "oh no"
His time not that fast, 'least he wasn't "dead last"
Very unlike that guy Sonny Bono!

Enjoy.  ;D

Subject: Re: Group Parody Time!

Written By: Cat on 03/01/06 at 5:31 pm

You know what? I'm just going to bite the bullet and do this by myself.

What doesn't kill me will make me stronger. ;)

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