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Subject: Is this Elvis?

Written By: KENNLEY1 on 05/29/06 at 11:14 am

We happened to acquire an entire 45 collection from a Radio Station that had been purchased by the Real Estate company we
worked for in 1980.  There were many 45's that had "Promotional Copy Not for Sale" on them.  One in particular was a great
recording of BLUE, BLUE CHRISTMAS, by Seymore Swine and the Squeelers.  I have listened to it over and over again and I
think Elvis was in a studio recording an album and during the break they did this song as a paradoy by him singing it with a
stutter.  You can hear laughing in the background.  The 45 is red instead of black.  I don't have the 45 in my possession at
this time and I don't remember the name of the studio it was recorded in?  That might be a clue.

Has anyone ever heard this recording or read about it anywhere?  Does anyone know for sure who the artist is?  My sister-in-law
has the collection at this time.


Subject: Re: Is this Elvis?

Written By: Rex on 05/29/06 at 11:58 am

Ron "Boogiemonster" Gerber has played this song on his show "Crap from the Past" on KFAI in Minneapolis. He may be able to give you more information. You can email him at

Subject: Re: Is this Elvis?

Written By: Porky's III on 05/29/06 at 6:59 pm

"Denny Brownlee is the one and only vocalist. He was identified as "Porky Pig" on the original 45 RPM release of the song 20 years ago. Warner Brothers complained about copyright infringement, so he was rechristned "Seymour Swine" for legal reasons."

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