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Subject: To Nicholas

Written By: Red Ant on 11/16/06 at 8:56 pm

If you come across this topic, I didn't post your parody fragment because you did most of the song. If you put a bit more effort into making it complete, you can submit it as a parody:

To, the left down the hall, to left down the hall mmmm, to the left down the hall<BR> everything you own in the pot down the hall, in the kitchen, that's my chicken yes if it's still cold, please dont eat it (dont eat) keep eatin dat mess that's fine, u'll be the first one to die and, doctor said dont eat that crap but you don't listen keep eatin that crap. standin in the kitchen your only lookin like a fool, eatin bout, every thing inside the room. your mind it twisted, you need some self-control, you need some self control<BR>. you could have another frank, in a minuete, matterfact, you can wait for an hour (please try!) you need some self control, you need some self control, so dont you ever get a craving: for another burger! so go ahead and get slim, call up that gym, and see if it's open yes i betcha could lose some inches, what you think you was dieting for?<BR> 

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