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Subject: Station hall of fame creation

Written By: skittlesking on 01/18/07 at 4:55 pm

This poll is for the Community AmIRight Station that we've created, 5 artists are currently involved and our songs all moved up on Day 1.  There is a 5 song limit per artist so that the station doesn't get overly crowded by any one artist. . .however initially I had put a decision that any song which hit the top 20 would be permanently entered into the Hall of Fame on to keep songs that really dominated the charts on the station in immortallity. . .however, a couple of people have said to me that the top 20 is too narrow as the station grew, and we ranked higher and higher, eventually the top songs on the Comedy Charts will be much more competitive, which is probably true--It's been brought to my attention that any song hitting the Top 50 or Top 100 over there should be considered instead of the Top 20. . .I could change it, but figured I'd put it to the members instead. . .What should be a crowning mark (Just so you guys know--I've had 6 songs hit that top 100 mark, and one skim the top 50--they would not get automatically crowned, except for those that rank top 100 starting during this poll-which will begin tomorrow's rankings)  I picked 20 initially figuring that if I'm currently a top 100 artist on most days that top 20 is where I'd like to be, however to make things more fair, I figured top 50 or top 100, after thinking, would be more achieveable for other artists who joined the station.  Thing I know for sure is that I do want a Hall of Fame for the station--that way songs that do very well in the charts don't leave the station and people can hear them always.  I've seen Merry/Pippin, Phil's name and Kristof's name up there with me in the Top 100 before . . .that may be too low though-50 might be better. . .I'm not sure one way or another, that's why I am asking. . .here's some stats for thought.

Currently, the highest ranked song of the 5 artists is Pizza Night by Below Average Dave, which is in 97th after having 10 listens yesterday, 12 the day before and 9 the day before that. 

from what I've seen, the top 50 takes about 30 listens on any given day, the top 75 take about 20 listens on a given day. . .I've never reached the Top 25 or Top 20 so I can't say, But the songs up there are up there consistantly. . .and the aforementioned listens don't necessairly guarantee success.

Subject: Re: Station hall of fame creation

Written By: EthanM on 01/18/07 at 6:42 pm

For permanent rotation, I'd say at least the top 20. I think I had a few songs make it that high back when I was more active, despite (or maybe in part because of) my recording standards being considerably lower than they are now.

Subject: Re: Station hall of fame creation

Written By: skittlesking on 01/18/07 at 7:38 pm

That's the same here, as Adrenaline Boy and as David I had ranked in the top 20, of course though--the board was new then and there where only about 10% as many songs (I hit the top 20 with 8 listens once back when I first signed up). . .I'm still split. . .I can't monitor listens from here in Tampa--only rank--so I have to pick a spot (plus rank is a good measuring point against other comedy genre charts). . .thank you for your input. . .I hope more people vote . . .maybe it should be some weird number like. . .top 27 or top 59 to be different. . .I think what I'll do is take this poll at the end of the results. . .and unless over 50% of the people who vote pick the same answer, I'll average them all to come up with how high a song should rank. . .eh. . .we'll wait and see.

Subject: Re: Station hall of fame creation

Written By: EthanM on 01/18/07 at 7:59 pm

Maybe we should wait about a month and judge after that.

Subject: Re: Station hall of fame creation

Written By: philbo on 01/19/07 at 4:37 am

TBH, soundclick's voting (especially on "comedy" songs) is so weird that I'd be very reluctant to give an entry into any hall of fame based on a placing there.

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