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Subject: Dave off this week

Written By: skittlesking on 07/22/07 at 5:28 am

I may still stop in now and then on the board, But for the next week I will be in St. Louis, so all my regular updates will be reduced over at, also the final 8 songs will not likely be recorded while I am up there. . .

I embeded a player on my Parody Author Page featuring my Soundclick edits of the songs, which include all re-recordings to date, plus my non-parodies Technological Life (Original & Club Mixes), Tropical Tragedy.

Affair Mushroom Kingdom, Wife's Secret Tale, Nimrod Rock, That's My Cooking, Underpaid, Poor Insensitive Trolls, Brainless on this Write, I'll Drink the Slim Fast, Smelt You on the Bus Line, Anybody Seen My Dickies & Don't Download Me will be finished when I get back--I will probably still post the others that have been done on the main page--but haven't decided, depends on how busy I am in St. Louis I guess:)

Anyhow, I will be taking pictures, and when I get back, I'll finish up my re-recordings and I've got about 150 new ideas (some non-parodies, some parodies, and some collaborations) in the works. . .that includes (sneak peak here) a Rex Ungericht and Jack Wilson recording, A Red Ant duet collab, a new Matthias recording, a couple of East Coast Parodies recordings and two new TCOP parodies.  Oh--and a dance version of Tropical Tragedy with a totally different backing track.

Sorry for the delay guys, but I haven't seen my family in about 6 years outside of my Mom who visited three years ago and my Grandfather who I saw 2 years ago. . .last time I saw my little brother he could barely say a word, and my sisters were both minors--This is Below Average Dave logging off for now, see you guys in a week, but don't be shocked if I post a little here and there whilst in St. Louis!

With Love,

Subject: Re: Dave off this week

Written By: wildcard on 07/22/07 at 12:12 pm

Have a nice time.

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