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Subject: Reduction in Production

Written By: skittlesking on 04/11/08 at 11:16 pm

I have a financial reality that the next two months or so will be very tight and as such can not afford the frequency of recording I have been producing of late.  In fact, other than parodies which make use of backing tracks I bought with the intention of using but have not yet gotten around to, I probably will be very light for a little while.  The good thing is I do have a number of backing tracks I have not used, and they are what I will focus on.

I will continue to write parodies at a fairly regular pace as time is not going to be the issue, but I apologize to those who I was recording for, I cannot afford the backing tracks for my own work, which means I really don't have it for other work, I will still do collaborations such as "Homley No More" with Jeff Reuben that I help by throwing in backing vocals, but most of my recordings are going to have to be my own for the immediate future, and I can't do requests for awhile because I only have what tracks I have.

Full of Himself Rhapsody, Crappy Senior Prom and others are in the work: past that I'm not 100% sure what or when I'm recording.

I also am going to be putting a lot of focus on getting my site up to par and popular, to where maybe I can make a little money towards recording work.  That includes the following

Weekly Top 20 on BADAVE via StickAm:  Due to popular demand, I'm bringing back my old StickAm Show, but without the nightly attempts (they timed out etc)  I will be doing a test run this Sunday at 2pm, and will announce a weekly time at that point.  I am developing a point system rather than strictly unique hits in order to avoid me being 80% of the countdown, it is my site so I do tend to get a lot of the traffic.  I'm actually considering having a "Top 3 Badave songs of the week", and a "Top Non-BAD songs of the week". . .the problem with that is I'm involved in a good portion of those too.  The test run will be request songs, not a countdown, just to see how it goes.  All shows will have request times and such where it's not focused on countdowns or contests (I'm getting worn out on contests)

Live BAD performances: Agrimorfee made a comment back when I did Vocalo, a channel I am hardly active with any longer, about how I  have more oomph when performing live.  I love doing live performances. . .well thanks to StickAM I will be setting "concert" dates via the internet for this summer with particular songs set for different dates.  They will be live from my room, and I will even try to make the mini-convention taking place recorded as well.

Voting Replaces Where's Dave: The "Where's Dave" section of Badave is being discontinued permanently.  Instead I will try to show visitors how they can help support my music, like where they can vote for my songs for other countdowns and such.  Part of getting traffic to the site, and allowing me to record a lot of songs, is generating traffic which can happen by my songs doing well on charts, or those who I produce for (such as Jeff Reuben (AKA Kernel Raspberry) Homley No More) or host (Matthias' Do You Really Want to Burn Me or Rick Cormier's collection) do well. 

This will hopefully be a short set back, but my seasonal to seasonal to seasonal job stint was bound to end some time right?  Tax season is ending, which means I'm on the job hunt, luckily I earned a commission check and a decent refund to get me through for awhile, but I'm going to need lots of luck. . .wanted you guys to be in on what's going on as you guys have all been very open in letting me bring laughter to your lives while in the mean-time escaping the pressures of my own.

Subject: Re: Reduction in Production

Written By: skittlesking on 04/12/08 at 8:27 pm

At this time I don't know what's working what's not, and this is only a test run, I will be doing another one tomorrow, I will post here when I begin, I said 2pm originally, let's change that to "TBD" though--I've got things to do tomorrow morning--I'll post when tomorrow

Subject: Re: Reduction in Production

Written By: skittlesking on 04/13/08 at 10:29 am

Say 12:30pm Eastern?  I'll be online, probably more having fun than broadcasting--mostly karaoke, and playing songs on the computer, I'm looking for sound quality opinions.

Even though I'm not going anywhere to do this, I do to wake up a bit--get something in my stomach, and get fully dressed. . .then I'll get on StickAM and hopefully see someone else there.

Ok Going Karaoke Live/Performance Test Live Now, looking for sound quality opinions and going to test different options, anyone wish to join me? 

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