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Subject: Badave Weekly Top 20 for 6/1/2008!

Written By: Below Average Dave on 06/04/08 at 10:35 pm or

To vote simply visit your favorite songs at, it's based on unique listens/hits to the pages containing the songs.  The way you get your favs on the chart or up the chart is simply visiting them.

To be included on the chart you just have to post your song to the site in the submit parody section, promotion is free.

Close Calls
A Bar Maid Fight by Jeff Reuben
Bowl It by Below Average Dave
Snakes on a Plane by Vocally Challenged
Choosing My Religion by Merry & Pippin
Don't Cha Wish Your Boyfriend Was Fat Like Me by Silly Nelson Duncan

The top 20
20th: Do You Really Want to Burn Me by Matthias
19th: Black Sharpie Marker by Ann Hammond
18th: Can't Eat It by Art Paul Schlosser
17th: This One Camp Trip by The Conqueror of Parodies
16th: Commando by Rick Cormier
15th: Hey There MacGayver by Josh 2
14th: Wake Me Up by Rex Ungericht
13th: Matrimonay by Kristof Robertson
12th: Can't Rap by Nuclear Bubble Wrap
11th: Say Hello to My Little Friend by Red Ant
10th: You're Infernal by Agrimorfee
9th: Pee Pee In A Bottle by Jeff Reuben
8th: Atari by Odd Austin Aeschliman
7th: Clear by Below Average Dave
6th: Guitar Hero by Insane Ian
5th: Odd Austin by Art Paul Schlosser
4th: Nintendo 64 by Mikey Squirrel
3rd: Titanic by Matthias
2nd: Crazy Love for Splinters by Below Average Dave
1st: Shakespearean Pie by Lund

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