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Subject: Picture Video Project

Written By: Below Average Dave on 06/09/08 at 4:21 pm

I am going to be putting together picture/short video clip videos together for my popular songs, this list will keep growing as more of my songs are recorded in high quality.  The list below reflects songs that have NOT been done yet that I'm looking to put together, if you have pictures of any kind that you think would be good for this, please PM me or let me know here and I'll PM you about where you can send them (unless you happen to have them hosted somewhere).  Here is a list of the songs, if you have a particular song you think your image might be good for you can let me know, or if it is just one you feel would be good for videos in general that's cool.  The video shows will reflect the lyrics of the songs being done.  Here is the song list that as of right now I'd like to put together a video to (though I am not asking anyone who makes videos to my songs or wants to not to do them as well). . .in alphabetical order--not necessarily the order I'll do them

Antarctican Terrorist
B.A.D. Disgrace
Bowl It
Brainless on This Write
Call Before Hang Overs
Crazy for Chips
Crazy Love for Splinters
Dance Dance Revolution
Dime in My Wife
Don't Touch My Mohawk
Dropped! On the Center Stage
Every Sunday
Everybody's Rude
Gothic Tension
I Am Very Envious of Stuff That's Rather Worthless
I Was Drunk Late One Night, Now I'm Daddy
Independent Turkeys
Jock Itch
Ken's Revenge
Magic Man
Mix Two Chemicals
My Cell Phone Was Out of Minutes
My Storm
New Year's Eve
Pepsi Dependency
Pool Boy Prophet
Quack (The)
Shake It Up, Or it Will Taste Bland
Smelt You on the Bus Line
South Park
That's My Cooking
Weenie on a Hot Bun
Wife's Secret Tale

That's 40 of my 80 songs that I'd like to put videos to, this list will likely grow as I continue to redo some of my other classics though.

Anyone want your pictures included?  I'll more than consider it. . .please note, though some of the songs are adult topics, I don't want any sex, nudies or other R rated + images--these are  likely to be posted at "YouTube"

Subject: Re: Picture Video Project

Written By: Matthias on 06/10/08 at 8:28 pm

Seeing that I have 4 of my own...

1. Living Teddy Bear
2. Scrambler Fan
3. Titanic
4. Do You Really Want To Burn Me

I might do something like this too, since The Sims 2 videos are fun to make, but I honestly don't have the free time I used to have to actually do anything like that for quite some time. (Although Do You Really Want To Burn Me would make for a really, really fun music video)

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