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Subject: About the All Time Favorites List

Written By: c4p on 09/01/17 at 7:02 pm

Hi everyone.  As you may have noticed, I just posted a thread called "All-Time Favorites".  I've also submitted the link to the AmiRight Events form; the idea is that new visitors to the site will have easy access to the goldmine of great stuff buried here, and perhaps be inspired to stick around and start participating.  That's basically what happened when I first came here in 2003 and saw the All-Time Top 100 list that was here at the time.  Just an idea I've been thinking about for awhile; hopefully others will join in and add their faves as well (formatted for easy linkage).  I started THIS thread here, in case anyone had any questions or comments about THAT thread, which I'm hoping to keep fairly clean for new visitors.  If that makes sense.  No idea if this will help at all, but I think it's worth a try.  Thanks.

Subject: Re: About the All Time Favorites List

Written By: agrimorfee on 09/05/17 at 10:56 am

I originally posted this in your All Time Favorites thread, but then decided to move it here as you mentioned that you wanted that to be more devoted to the subject at hand.

Thanks Claude (not just because you selected a few of mine.  8))

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