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Subject: Artistry Round 1 Posted!

Written By: skittlesking on 05/17/07 at 2:30 am

The official results of Artistry Round 1 Are In . .

ALL Stats are at The Official Artistry Page

This page contains all the stats, and awards. . .and has profiles built for each entrant, and will be updated at the commencement of EVERY round.

Oh, before you guys jump on me, remember, 5 points are added to each person's score that votes. . .they are the participation points as promised.

Without furhter adu. . .the winner of the Animation Round, making Be Our Guest seem simple is. . .

1st Matthias with "She Loves Meat" earning 33 Points!

2nd Rex Ungericht with "All About Me" earning 28 Points!

3rd The Conqueror of Parodies with "Under A 'C'" earning 27 Points


4th Agrimorfee with "In A Greek Taverna, Part 2" earning 23 Points

5th Below Average Dave with "Poor Insensitive Trolls" earning 19 Points

6th Mikey Squirrel with "I'm Going Out With a Weirdo" earning 18 Points

7th Ethan Mawyer with "Mr. Burns" earning 15 Points

8th Tomario with "Dave Will Not Be Pleased" earning 12 Points

9th Poomaster with "ExLax with Curry" earning 5 Points

10th Josh2 with "Buy My CD" earning 0 Points

*Please note, Josh2 did not earn his 5 participation points because he did not vote, however his song was still part of the contest and as such is included, remember this contest forfeits points BUT DOES NOT DISQUALIFY A CONTESTANT FROM THE FOLLOWING ROUND.

20 Awards were earned in round 1, all awards can be found AND PRINTED from the Official Artistry Page hosted over at  The address is  Check it out, it's really cool. . .

The Awards earned
Agrimorfee earned 2 Awards
Below Average Dave earned 2 Awards
The Conqueror of Parodies earned 3 Awards
Ethan Mawyer earned 2 Awards
Matthias earned 3 Awards
Mikey Squirrel earned 2 Awards
Poomaster earned 1 Award
Rex Ungericht earned 3 Awards
Tomario earned 2 Awards

Congrats to everyone, especially Matthias (Who's wife is STILL stuck on meat), Rex Ungericht (Who's ego is fun to sing about), and The Conqueror of Parodies (Who's name is longer than accomplishments on his report card)

Subject: Re: Artistry Round 1 Posted!

Written By: ThaConqueror on 05/17/07 at 2:54 am

Hooray for Matthias! Hooray for Rex! HOORAY FOR ME!

I got my own little Artistry page. Weee!

Subject: Re: Artistry Round 1 Posted!

Written By: Matthias on 05/17/07 at 5:23 am

She loves Meat, and *Cartman impression* "I love yew guyz, I'm going home"

Subject: Re: Artistry Round 1 Posted!

Written By: Rex on 05/17/07 at 5:11 pm

Congrats to all, although it looks like I was wrong -- it's All About Matthias!  ;D

And Dave - Awesome job with the site!

Subject: Re: Artistry Round 1 Posted!

Written By: Mikey Squirrel on 05/18/07 at 12:26 am

And a big hearty congrats to Matthias, Rex and Conqueror. This was fun and I look foward to many more. (Except round 2, I mean Ace Of Base? Geez!)

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