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Subject: Artistry Round 10 (Evanescence) RESULTS POSTED

Written By: skittlesking on 09/14/07 at 2:36 am


As stated prior to this thread, VOTING is worth points.  If you vote and did not enter this contest, you will get 3 points towards the overall 5year standings in the Artistry contest.  When you vote as an entrant in this round, you recieve 5 points for voting. . .that means no one who votes ends with no points. . . .

Anyway, the rules are pretty similar to other contests.  This is round 8 so please know that ALL rounds will count EQUALLY toward the final standings, and NO rounds will be omitted from the final total.

Please know I do track Honorable Mentions as well.  Thank You.  They are the final tie breaker if all other tie breakers fail.

1. All participants must comment on all entrants and vote by the deadline, which for this rounds is September 13th,  2007.  Failure to vote will forfeit all points from this round, and if that is less than 20 points, the difference will be forfeited in the following round (No Disqualifications)

2. Voting will take place by replying to this thread

3. If a person withdraws from an Artistry Round prior to the end of a round, all entrants who voted for that person's entry will be permitted to pick one new song to earn a bonus point, all other songs will be realigned accordingly.  There will be no penalty on those who don't change their vote.

4. Once a vote is posted, it cannot be changed UNLESS rule 3 applies OR there was a double-vote by accident.

5. Late entries will be accepted until the 1st vote has been posted.

6. The deadline is a strict deadline, the moment the date has reached the day after the deadline, no votes will count, this is to reduce last minute voting, or sympathy/favoritism towards different entrants.

7. We ask that any entrant who posts a link to his/her original song (source of parody) not be DKTOS for the contest.

8. All other basic competition rules as applied in other competitions are generally followed.  The rules may not be changed or altered unless two/thirds of those voting in a round where a rule change is requested agrees.  Rules may be added by host (Below Average Dave) if it was a rule in the ABC or SOTM contest that was thought to be common knowledge, but not known by a particular entrant.

EST (New York) September 27th at midnight
Central (St. Louis): September 27th at 11pm
Mountain (Denver): September 27th at 10pm
Pacific (Los Angeles): September 27th  at 9pm
Sydney, AUS: September 28th at 2pm
The UK: September 28th at 5am

WITHOUT FURTHER ADU, The Contestants for Round 10, Evanescence Are:

1. Wake Me Up by Rex Ungericht
    Bring Me to Life Video

2. My Time Portal by Matthias
    My Immortal Video

3. You're Taking Forever by The Conqueror of Parodies
    Going Under Video

4. You're Infernal by Agrimorfee
     My Immortal Video

5. The Heat Index by Below Average Dave
    Tourniquet Video

6. Deadpool by Syncronos
      Bring Me to Life Video

IMPORTANT: You can enter UNTIL the first person has cast his/her vote. . .it is at that point the entry list is final. . .

Alright Guys, Everyone who votes should pick a top 5, those who aren't in this round but think they may enter a future round or have entered a past round may vote to earn 3 points. . .and remember, if you missed the entry date, you can still enter if it's before the first vote gets cast.

Subject: Re: Artistry Round 10 (Evanescence) Voting Deadline: 9-27

Written By: Syncronos on 09/14/07 at 9:07 am

To reitrate, I hate my job. They want me to work, so I can't do important stuff like vote for my favorite parodies. But, it's slow here today. So, BEFORE the deadline can sneak up on my unaware behind, let's get this outta the way right dangit NOW:

1 pt to COPs lack of time managment (like I'm one to talk, right?)
2 pts to Matthias' new game-  'GTA: Time Machine' (Can I borrow it?)
3 pts to Aggy's Crappy Love Life (She really served prunes for each meal? That's a 'regular' travesty! *groan*)
4 pts to B.A.D. heat (it's hotter than (fill in the cute girl of your choice) in a bikini down here!)


5 pts to Rex 'Wake Me up.' Superb matching to the OS. But, where were you when I needed to vote?!

I know my Deadpool parody may not be my best because I threw it together in 10 minutes, but I'm happy to participate. This contest rocks! On to the Skyhooks!

Who are they, again? 

Subject: Re: Artistry Round 10 (Evanescence) Voting Deadline: 9-27

Written By: agrimorfee on 09/17/07 at 8:02 am

5pts=Rex (you are totally killing the rest of us, dude!)

Subject: Re: Artistry Round 10 (Evanescence) Voting Deadline: 9-27

Written By: Rex on 09/17/07 at 5:12 pm

1 point to BAD
2 points to Synchronos
3 points to Matthias
4 points to Conqueror
5 points to Agrimorfee

Subject: Re: Artistry Round 10 (Evanescence) Voting Deadline: 9-27

Written By: Matthias on 09/17/07 at 8:41 pm

5 Points: Rex's Slumber
4 Points: Conquerer_of_the_Lazy
3 Points: Dave In Heat
2 Points: Agrimorfee's Girlfriend
1 Point: Syncronos's Deadpool?

Subject: Re: Artistry Round 10 (Evanescence) Voting Deadline: 9-27

Written By: ThaConqueror on 09/18/07 at 4:04 am

1 point to Syncronos' Simultaneous 'What the...?'
2 points to BAD's Melty Masterpiece
3 points to Agri's Housewife from Hell
4 points to Matthias' Time-Thread Unravelling Tale
5 points to Rex's Wake-Up Call

I smell another unanimous win for Rex...come one BAD!

Subject: Re: Artistry Round 10 (Evanescence) Voting Deadline: 9-27

Written By: skittlesking on 09/26/07 at 2:29 pm

Well. . .That round was not nearly as tough to rank as I thought it was going to be, the only tough spots were 1st and 2nd. . .

5th, Syncrono's Deadpool, 1 Point
    To say "Random" to this would be unfair, because it really wasn't "Random" if you knew Deadpool.  Pacing was spot on, but clearly it was a last minute parody by a normally stellar parodist.  Still, that said, it was not a 'bad' parody it just wasn't Syncrono's best work. . .which he forewarned us in the entry thread.  Good luck in the next round.

4th, The Conqueror of Parodies' You're Taking Forever, 2 Points
    From a performance stand point, this would be the toughest to pull off in the round, but it could be done.  The Conqueror took on easily the most difficult song of the ones targeted in this round, so extra kudos there, and the idea was very clever and unexpected.  I have certainly read better by this parodist though, and know what he's truly capable of.

3rd, Matthias' My Time Portal, 3 Points
    If I was judging on comedy alone, Matthias would have won. . .but I have to take into consideration the sacrificing of grammar for pacing. . .It wasn't terrible, but certain lines needed work, that said--this parody was very well thought out.  I, as most people, have seen "Back to the Future", but even if I hadn't Matthias did not make this too clicky to where an outsider wouldn't understand it, that is a major plus in the promo world because it means anyone who reads it will get it. . .great job, I just hope you understand that the grammar comments are just my opinion and I think it'd take you from Good to Elite as far as writer status, your ideas are brilliant, easily among the best of the best--just a little fine tuning on the grammar end and man you'd be untouchable.

2nd, Agrimorfee's You're Infernal, 4 Points
    I wasn't sure what to expect when this one started, but this one had the most creative word play in the contest, bar none.  In fact, this would beat out most of the songs I've read in the Song of the Month or ABC rounds to date, it was spot on pacing, easy to understand but not so simple that you felt like he was holding back.  Agrimorfee, you are a veteran writer, and this piece really showed off your skill, do not be surprised if I choose this to introduce you to the world of recording.

1st, Rex Ungericht's Wake Me Up, 5 Points
    After my comment on Agrimorfee, one might wonder how I could possibly pick someone else for my 5 points, well, as I said I plan on introducing Agrimorfee to the world of recording, well my first join project with Rex just happened--and it was this song.  Wake Me Up was a two part parody, and often people fail to parody the male vocals in this correctly.  Both contestants who parodied this song in this round did, but Rex actually made them hilarious.  My roommate heard my recording of this song, and he was cracking up at the "Shake Me" screams in the background, from a recording stand point--that was awesome.  Pacing obviously was great because well--I recorded it in less than an hour, which for those who are familiar with my process--that's almost unheard of, especially on what is arguably an epic parody.  Great job, as always, and won this round, not easily as it may appear by the final totals--Agri's was really good--but I have to give yours an edge because of the difficulty of the OS and the including the male vocals as a supporting role rather than backing vocals, which is more in tune with the OS.

Good luck everyone,

I know my comments may be a little lengthy, but I wanted to give honest opinions, and when I see things I think that would help a parodist, I'm tired of biting my tongue and just saying good job.  I get honest feed back from time to time, Stu McArthur, Kristof Robertson and Red Ant have been doing so on my work when they read it, and it's helped me catch myself from making mistakes--So please don't take offense at my opinions, I figure honest feedback is better than anything I could say positive about a parody. . .

Subject: Re: Artistry Round 10 (Evanescence) Voting Deadline: 9-27

Written By: skittlesking on 09/28/07 at 2:17 am

Will post official results tomorrow morning. . .too tired tonight.

Subject: Re: Artistry Round 10 (Evanescence) Voting Deadline: 9-27

Written By: skittlesking on 09/28/07 at 1:11 pm

The site is under re-construction, being integrated with other contests. . .

THe official results for this rounds however were as follows.

In 6th place, with 9 Points (0-0-0-1-4) was Syncronos (Includes 2 points penalty remaining from previous round)

In 5th place, with 17 Points (0-1-1-2-1) was Below Average Dave

In 4th place, with 19 Points (0-2-1-1-1) was The Conqueror of Parodies


In 3rd place, with 21 Points (0-2-2-1-0) was Matthias

In 2nd place, with 22 Points (1-1-2-1-0) was Agrimorfee

In 1st place, with 30 Points (5-0-0-0-0) was Rex Ungericht

Subject: Re: Artistry Round 10 (Evanescence) RESULTS POSTED

Written By: Matthias on 09/28/07 at 1:17 pm

Backwards this time. Using your computer upside down again Dave?  ;)

Congrats to Aggy, and Rex, and thank you all who voted for my Time Traveling Adventures

Subject: Re: Artistry Round 10 (Evanescence) RESULTS POSTED

Written By: ThaConqueror on 09/28/07 at 8:02 pm

Congrats to Matthias, Agri and Rex (I TOLD you it was gonna be another unanimous win!)!

Thanx to everyone who put me into 4th! Much better than my previous rounds, that's for sure.

Subject: Re: Artistry Round 10 (Evanescence) RESULTS POSTED

Written By: Rex on 09/28/07 at 8:42 pm

Wow! Thanks everyone, and congrats to Agrimorfee and Matthias. I hope we have a lot of Star Wars fans in the Skyhooks round...

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