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Subject: Parody performance contest idea

Written By: McKludge on 06/19/08 at 9:25 pm

This is an idea I've had for a week or two, but a recent parody submission made me finally submit the idea (Thanks Raymond and the Circle!)

We've all seen and heard really bad commercials where they take an old popular song and write (usually) bad lyrics to replace the originals all so they can sell their product.  I propose a parody performance contest to have some fun with that idea.

A contest to create a 30 second "commercial" that is wholly inappropriate but ultimately hysterical.  The product must be a real product, and the song should be fairly well known culturally.  The spot can include voiceovers to help sell the joke, but the song must keep playing through the entire 30 seconds. 

I'd want to do the scoring not like SOTM scoring where you give 5 points to 1st place, 4 points to 2nd place, etc.  I'd like to do scoring based on 3 categories:
1.  Overall quality of the recording 
2.  Overall humor of the lyrics.
3.  How inappropriate it is.  Basically, how quickly would the company throw you out their doors if you came to them with the idea. 

Performances should not have words that would be banned from the amiright comment section - unless you bleep them.

Whaddaya think? 

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