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Subject: On the Waterfront July 2013 Voting Thread (OPEN VOTING, ANYONE may vote!)

Written By: ChrisBodilyTM on 08/15/13 at 9:41 pm

The time has come at last (secret, secret -- I've got a secret) erm. sorry.  :-Welcome and good luck. On the Waterfront is for any parody that "coulda been a contender" for SOTM, but the author chose a different song instead.

Please read all guidelines carefully. Especially, please make sure to read all the entries and vote by the end of the month. OTW is not so much a contest as a feedback exchange. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, either in this thread or via personal message. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

~~Vote by replying to this thread with your five favorites in order:
1st choice- 5 points
2nd place- 4 points
3rd place- 3 points
4th place- 2 points
5th place- 1 point.*

*If there's less than five to choose from, your first choice still gets 5 points, etc.

~~You're only allowed to vote for your own song if you submitted more than one. And even then, you may only vote for one of them. You may (and are strongly encouraged to) do this. All the cool kids are doin' it. :)

~~Once you've posted a vote, you're not allowed to change it.

~~Voting continues until the last day of the month ends.

~~Anyone may vote. That's right, anyone. Contestants, you, me, your mom, your dog, Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees.

~~By entering, you are agreeing to read and comment on all the other entries and vote.

~~Anyone who enters but does not both comment on all entries and vote by the end of the month is disqualified and may not participate next month, while all points will be forfeited, an entrant who has been disqualified may still participate next month if (s)he goes back and comments on all entrants from the month (s)he got disqualified prior to the end of the entry field (s)he is trying to get involved in.

~~In the event of a tie, the parody with the most first place votes wins.
If it's still tied, the parody with the most second place votes wins. and so on
If the points total and votes are identical, it will be left as a legitimate tie

~~The timestamp rule that SOTM abides by is null and void in OTW.

1. "Slick Slang" by Matthias

2. "Frisbee You Tossed" by Matthias

3. "Lave of Hearts" by CoP

4. "Traffic Lights" by CoP

5. "Did I Say That Out Loud?" by Blaydeman

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