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Subject: December AmiRight Monthly Top Ten Parody Lyrics Voting

Written By: c4p on 12/12/17 at 8:08 pm

~~ Voting can begin as soon as the first song parody update of the month appears on AmiRight.  Any parody released on AmiRight during that month is eligible.

~~ Vote by assigning points to your ten favorite parodies of the entire month by other authors, and your three favorite parodies of your own from that month.

~~ Assign ten points to your favorite, nine points to your next favorite, eight to the next, and so one down to one point to your tenth favorite parody by other parody authors.  Assign 9, 6, and 3 points to your three favorite parodies that you wrote.

~~ Only parody authors who’ve had at least 10 parodies appear on AmiRight may participate.  We hate to exclude newbies, but if anyone is going to game the system by creating multiple accounts, they’re going to have to work really hard for it.  The whole point of messageboard voting is it's public and accountable.  If we don't know who you are, we won't want to count your votes.

~~ Your voting post is not considered final until the voting deadline.  You may modify/ edit it as much as you like until then.  But it has to be properly completed and easily understood at the deadline for any of the votes to count. 

~~ The best way to make sure it’s clear which songs you’re voting for is to copy and paste the urls and/or write the author’s name along with the name the author gave to the song, so there’s no possible confusion.  But that’s not required as long as it’s obvious. 

~~ The best way to make sure it’s clear how you want the points assigned is to use the words “Ten points to...” and so on.  But that’s not required either as long as it’s obvious.  But just sticking ten parodies up and assuming we’ll know that the top one is your favorite can be confusing, since a lot of people like to start at the bottom and do it countdown-style.  So ideally, you’d just use the word “points”, please.

~~ You are not required to read or comment on all entries.  You are not even required to comment on the parodies you choose (though obviously it would be nice).  This is in the spirit of the old Top Ten lists, where people could just ignore songs they didn’t know or weren’t interested in.  It’s up to the parody author to make their parody appealing to others if they want it to do well.

~~ Only parodies from the contest month are eligible.  Entering/ voting will be allowed until the seventh day of the following month, after which the points will be tallied and the winners announced.

~~ The winning parodies will be immortalized in a Top Ten Winners Thread which will (hopefully) be linked to the AmiRight front page for all to ignore!

That’s pretty much all there is to it.  In short, you pick your “Them Top Ten” and assign points, and your “Me Top Three” and assign points.  Personally, my plan for voting is to just start grabbing urls of parodies I like as the month goes on, and then sort through them as soon as the month ends.  I found that when I arranged them before the month was over last month, I didn’t want to do the work to move stuff around when I wanted to make changes, so I won’t be making cuts or putting things in order until the month is over.

Subject: Re: December AmiRight Monthly Top Ten Parody Lyrics Voting

Written By: Red Ant on 12/24/17 at 2:17 am

Ill try to vote this month.  ~~~~


Subject: Re: December AmiRight Monthly Top Ten Parody Lyrics Voting

Written By: jreuben on 01/04/18 at 8:52 am

Top Ten:

10 Pts:  "Internet Neutrality" Chris Bodily TM
9 Pts:  "MISTER HULK SMASH!," Claude Prez
8 Pts:  "Trump Has No Moral Fiber," Ethan Mawyer
7 Pts:  "Mr. Success," Matthias
6 Pts:  "Jinn To Use," Blaydeman
5 Pts:  "Pranks For Christmas" Agrimorfee
4 Pts:  "Deep Fried Reindeer," Matthias
3 Pts:  "The Adults Swear" Peter Andersson
2 Pts:  "Revenge For Last Christmas" Medemia
1 Pts:  "Rubber Chickens" Conqueror

Me Top Three:

9 pts:  Elf On A Shelf
6 pts:  Oop
3 pts: Ha!

Subject: Re: December AmiRight Monthly Top Ten Parody Lyrics Voting

Written By: Matthias on 01/04/18 at 7:50 pm

1st place: "Trump Has No Moral Fiber," Ethan Mawyer

2nd place: "Jinn To Use," Blaydeman

3rd place: "Mr. Sucks Ass," A Room Full of Monkeys

4th place: "Gaston (New Lyrics)," Porfle Popnecker

5th place: "(Pr)-Anks For Christmas," Agrimorfee

6th place. "MISTER HULK SMASH!," Claude Prez

7th place. "No Dodo," Agrimorfee

8th place. "Elf On A Shelf," Jeff Reuben

9th place. "Should Not Eat Pasty Glue," the_conqueror_of_parodies

10th place. "Ho! Ho! Ho!," Peter Andersson a.k.a K1chyd


1st place. "Deep Fried Reindeer," Matthias

2nd place. "Mr. Success," Matthias

3rd place. "HoHoHo," Matthias

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