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Subject: Artistry 2 Round 125 (Scissor Sisters) Enter by 4/17/18

Written By: ThaConqueror on 04/18/18 at 1:02 am

I don't feel like dancing, but I do feel like telling y'all it's the Scissor Sisters round!

Youtube search for "Scissor Sisters"


Artistry Rules For Newcomers:
- If one wishes to enter (entry in all rounds is not compulsory), entry must be written (or selected from back catalog) within two weeks of the posting of the entry thread
- Voting runs during the same two-week period as the next entry thread, so organise your time wisely
- All participants must comment on all entrants and vote by the deadline.  Failure to vote will forfeit all points from that round, but it won't disqualify you from participating in the next round
- Voting will take place by replying to the appropriate voting thread
- If a person withdraws from an Artistry Round prior to the end of a round, all entrants who voted for that person's entry will be permitted to pick one new song to earn a bonus point, all other songs will be realigned accordingly.  There will be no penalty on those who don't change their vote.
- Once a vote is posted, it cannot be changed UNLESS rule 3 applies OR there was a double-vote by accident.
- Late entries will be accepted until the 1st vote has been posted.
- The deadline is a strict deadline, the moment the date has reached the day after the deadline, no votes will count, this is to reduce last minute voting, or sympathy/favoritism towards different entrants.

Subject: Re: Artistry 2 Round 125 (Mysteriousness) Enter by 4/17/18

Written By: Matthias on 04/18/18 at 5:43 am

Sorry. I’ll send you it right when I get to work

Subject: Re: Artistry 2 Round 125 (Scissor Sisters) Enter by 4/17/18

Written By: ThaConqueror on 04/23/18 at 9:01 am

Invincible? Lies

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