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Subject: Rate these Canuck provinces

Written By: BlooBerryMuffin76 on 11/30/03 at 08:22 p.m.

After responding to Rice Cube's rating of States as a Canuck, he suggest that I give a list of provinces (and territories) to be rated. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to get as many responses, but here's the list along with my personal ratings:

1. Alberta----4.25  (My aunt lives in Calgary so I've been to
                 Alberta a few times. A nice province full of
                 diversity in terms of the landscape: mountains
                 and wildlife in the west and the ol' plains in the
                 east. Calgary seems to be a transition zone.
                 It's a clean city and usually sunny. Gets cold
                 in the winter, but there are the shinooks, which
                 makes the weather unpredictable. It's got a
                 cowboy/rodeo edge to it, yet the city offer so
                 much opportunity. I think Edmonton is about
                 the same except it's further north. I've also
                 been to Banff, which is a nice ski/resort town
                 in the Rockies. Drumheller was ok, but only saw
                 that dino park. Finally, I went to Medicine Hat,
                 which is in the prairies and seems to be in the
                 middle of nowhere. The shopping is kind of
                 crummy and maybe the city's a bit too small, but
                 it looks clean and spruced job--like they take
                 pride! Anyway, Alberta is a wealthy province and
                 offers plenty of opportunity. Also no pst).

2. British Columbia---4 (Another beautiful province. I've been
                       to Vancouver, and it's a wonderful city--the
                       architect, the ocean, and the mountains in
                       the background. Victoria is also a charming
                       city on Vancouver Island and I would like to
                       see it again. Vancouver Island is also very
                       scenic; it's got beaches, groves, little
                       towns, and even it's own mountain range.
                       My grandfather lives in the Comox Valley
                       area---the shopping's terrible, but just take
                       a short drive somewhere, and there's
                       adventure. BC is another great province,
                       but it seems to have more issues.)

3. Manitoba---2.75 (Haven't been there, but it looks
                   rather bleak. On a positive note, I've heard it's
                   suppose to be a province full of friendly
                   people  :) )

4. New Brunswick---3  (I've been to Fredericton, and that
                          was a cute little city)

5. Newfoundland----1.25 (haven't been there, but I think I'd
                           be on Prozac if I ever lived there. The
                           economy is terrible and I think it's
                           suppose to be the rainiest province)

6. North West Territories---2 (haven't been there. Looks a
                                    little depressing)

7. Nova Scotia----3.5 (I've been there, and found it to
                        be quite quaint and charming, but I don't
                        know if I could spend winters living there
                        ---looks awfully cold and damp!)

8. Nunavut----1.75 (haven't been there. Does this territory
                   ever have summer? They probably throw a
                   big celebration when they see grass poking out
                   of the snow!)

9. Ontario----3.75 (my province---like most Canadian! There's
                  so much diversification that I don't know where
                  to begin. There are many scenic areas in
                  Ontario and the economy is decent, but the
                  province has its issues such as the spriraling
                  health care system and the 15% tax!)

10. Prince Edward Island---3.25 (I went there when I was
                                    nine, and enjoyed myself because
                                    there's plenty of good
                                    entertainment. The beaches are
                                    beautiful, but I found it windy
                                    there and the sand kept blowing
                                    in my eyes, but then again I was
                                    only around 52 inches from the
                                    ground, not to mention the waters
                                    seemed to be infested /w jellyfish!
                                    The economy is also only one
                                    notch better then Newfoundland.)

11. Quebec----1.75 (Being so close to Quebec, I've been  
                    there several times. Quebec City is a beautiful
                    place and I've spent a few day trips in
                    Montreal---I really need to spend an overnight
                    trip there. I've also been to some scenic
                    parks. All of the places I've mentioned are
                    appealing, and I would like to visit Quebec
                    again, but I definitely will never live there
                    because of the Parti Quebecois and some of
                    those stupid regulations including their
                    education system)

12. Saskatchewan----3 (haven't been there. I've seen pics'
                             and it looks a little dull)

13. Yukon Territory---2.25 (haven't been there either. Is too
                             north for me, but has that romantic
                             "Goldrush" look to it)

Subject: Re: Rate these Canuck provinces

Written By: Rice Cube on 11/30/03 at 09:39 p.m.

1. Alberta----Hey, it's where Wayne Gretzky grew up, right?  Can't be too bad :)  4

2. British Columbia---5 One of my mom's cousins lives in Vancouver...very nice area, and they film a lot of movies here because it's so pretty.

3. Manitoba---3...ever since the Jets left for Phoenix I haven't heard much about Manitoba, though some friends from Minnesota go to Thunder Bay a bunch...

4. New Brunswick---3...probably better than the one in New Jersey ;D

5. Newfoundland----2...it takes like 3 days to drive there from New England, right?  Considering it's like RIGHT THERE, that kinda sucks :P

6. North West Territories---2...the population figures say that it's like an equivalent of a human finger every square mile :P

7. Nova Scotia----4...looks pretty from the pictures my aunt showed me :)

8. Nunavut----1...hey, the Inuits want their own province!  Let's give them the crappiest part of the Northwest Territories!  :P

9. Ontario----5...my extended family lives in Toronto and Oshawa...I love it, always snow and ice in the winter :)

10. Prince Edward Island---3...it's small

11. Quebec----3...I don't know, I liked Montreal, but the province seemed kinda gloomy...

12. Saskatchewan----4...because it's capital is "Regina" ;D

13. Yukon Territory---3...kills too many people.