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Subject: Rate these Magazines

Written By: Stompgal on 05/13/04 at 3:45 am

Rate them on a scale from 1 - 10, or put DR if you don't read them. Good luck!

Mizz 10 (G, TG)
Bliss 10 (G, TG)
J17 8 (G, TG)
Smash Hits 10 (M, T)
Elle Girl 10 (FB, TG)
Top of the Pops 10 (M, T)
TV Hits 9 (G, M, T)
Sorted 8 9G, (TB)
Cosmo Girl 8 (G, TG)
Sugar 8 (G, TG)
Teen Now 10 (C, T)
Big Time 8 (G, K)
Prima - 8 (L, W)
Essentials - 8 (L, W)
Cosmopolitan DR (L, W)

Key to abbreviations:
G - General
TG - Teenage Girls
K - Kids
M - Music
C - Celebrity
L - Lifestyle
FB - Fashion/Beauty
TB - Teenage Boys
W - Women
M - Men
T - Teenage

Subject: Re: Rate these Magazines

Written By: MLB on 05/18/04 at 7:45 pm

Smash Hits 5-- I used to get this all the time but they sold their New York distribution rights so it is expensive to travel  uptown to Barnes & Noble to pick it up now!  But it was fun in the 80's!
DR=>      Elle Girl/Top of the pops/Tv Hits/sorted/
/ FHM/Cosmo Girl/Sugar/teen now/Big time
Prima/ Essentials
Cosmopolitain    6--I rarely buy this but I've read it. Usually the front cover is so scandalous it is just as  bad as any tabloid.

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