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Subject: Rate the how difficult it was to write your song parodies.

Written By: Step-chan on 05/21/05 at 4:26 pm

For the fun the of it, I decided to start a thread on rating the difficultly of written song parodies.

The scoring system is 1-5, with 1 being very easy and 5 being very hard. You can also describe why you chose a paticular song and ratings with decimals can be used(example 3.5).

I start it off. I've done more than one parody to the same songs ,so I'll go by original song.

Sliver: This is the first song I've made a parody of. One of my favorite songs.

Training Trip: Difficulty 3
Three$ome at Excel's home: Difficulty 3.5

About a girl: I've done two parodies of this one now.

Kill Happosai: Difficulty 2.5
Please Twins! Trilogy: About Them: difficulty 2.5

Jesus wants me for a sunbeam: Dragon ball Z for some reason came to mind.

Frieza doesn't want me in the ginyu: Difficulty 2

Sappy: One of my most favorite Nirvana songs, the earliest form of this parody was written in early 2002. I wrote a better version of it a couple of months ago.

Sappy(Maison Ikkoku version): Difficulty 3.5

Mexican Seafood: A fun, but short song I like. Wrote two parodies for it, kinda tricky to do. The pacing of this Nirvana song is quirky.

Anime F***ing Perversion: Difficulty 1.5
Pokemon Grunge Song: Difficult 3

Oh the Guilt: A song that is on the boxset and the Nirvana/Jesus Lizard single. I've done two parodies of this song, both were wrote using a live version.

Oh the Guilt(Nanako version): Difficulty 2
Digicharat crew: Difficulty 3

Verse Chorus Verse: refered to as "In his hands" on bootlegs. A version of the song is also on the boxset. The only song I did two different versions of the same theme.

Anime, video games and Nirvana(Version 1): Difficulty 2.5
Anime, video games and Nirvana(Version 2): Difficulty 1

Token Eastern Song: A rare Nirvana song on that's on the boxset. Both of my parodies were wrote to the live version because I'm more used to that version.

Token Eastern Song(Elgala Version): Difficulty 1.5
Nurse Witch Song: Difficulty 3.5

Anorexorcist: A song only played live, it's pretty tricky to parody. I've only done one to it.

Persocom Exorcist: Difficulty 3.5

Vendettagainst: Refered to as "Help me, I'm hungry" on the boxset, but some lyrics on the 4/87 version suggest that it is called "Vendettagainst". The only song I've done 3 parodies of, and the only song I've done parodies of two different live versions.

4/87 KAOS radio version.
Angel Brigade: Difficulty 3
Kiri Pro Resume: Difficulty 3.5
11/89 live version.
F*** me, I'm #orny: Difficulty 1.5

Breed: I had the idea for the parody of this song around a week or two before writing it, based it on Error. Nesplayer has a fixation with him and it in part inspired my parody.

I am Error: Difficulty 1.5

Beeswax: I love this song and have done two parodies for the fun and Challenge of it. It has very odd pacing, so I took liberties with it here and there.

Stephen's drunken Champloo: Difficulty 4
Calvin and hobbes: Difficulty 4

Mrs. Butterworth: This work in progress song I really like. The monologue in it alone was the main reason I've done two parodies of it. It is a very difficult song to use for parody material.

The Quest For The Fecal Matter Demo: Difficulty 5
The Reason I Should Never Write Parodies While Dru(nk): Difficulty 4

Drain You: My most favorite Nirvana song, I wanted to make a parody of it for awhile, I finally did and am happy with how it turned out.

Catgirl: Difficulty 4

School: For the fun of it, I did a parody of this simple song. It is based off of Please Twins.

Who is Maiku's sister?: Difficulty 1

Negative Creep: I got inspired to do a parody of this song by someone at livenirvana who said my obsession with anime was really creepy, it took awhile for the idea to kick in my head. It is the first song that I did a parody of in which I made fun of my own obsession.

Anime Geek: Difficulty 2

Swap Meet: I created a parody of this song a couple of months before finding out about amiright. I didn't finish until a few months later. It is one of my most repetitive parodies and is based on Excel Saga.

Across Conquest: Difficulty 1.5

Blandest: One of my favorite rare Nirvana songs. I made a parody of this song based on the anime Popotan and I make fun of myself for obsessing over the oldest sister "Ai" who has large breasts.

Ai, Mai and Mii: Difficulty 2

We Die Young: Red Ant and I had a parody contest where I did a Alice In Chains parody and He did a Nirvana parody. This is the first song I ever did that Nirvana never played and I made it about killing Scrappy Doo.

The Scrappy Doo Assasination Plot: Difficulty 2.5
(I misspelled the word assassination when I submitted it)

Pennyroyal Tea: I got inspired to do a Dragon Warrior parody based on this song. It wasn't too hard to make.

Dragon Warrior 3 Tribute: Difficulty 3

White Lace Strange And Strange: Nirvana played a cover of this song at KAOS radio 4/87, It's a Thunder and Roses song. I made a parody of this song about the Saiyan race from Dragon Ball Z. It was wrote in one night, but it was a fairly hard song to do one to because Kurt's vocals aren't very clear.

Saiyans: Difficulty 4

Stain: A song off of Incesticide, a dirty parody idea came to mind spontaniously when I was listening to it one night.

He's A Freak: Difficulty 3

This is how I rate my parodies in terms of difficulty.

Even in his youth: This song is on the Smells like teen spirit single. It is about sinus trouble, which I have.

I get sinus pain: Difficulty 2

Wet My Bed/Crackerman: I made one parody out of both these Stone Temple Pilots songs. This is my newest submission, and is mainly about Metal Monsters(from the Dragon Warrior series) with a touch of Please Twins!

Searching for metal monsters: Difficulty 3.5

Pen Cap Chew: A song that is on the box set. It is incomplete(only live versions are complete and I don't have one). I made a parody about the FCC to this song.

FCC: Difficulty 3.5

Old Age: An outtake from the box set. It was only recorded with scratch vocals which made it harder to do, I did vocal improvs of my parody idea probably well over 50 times before finally writing it. The theme is a medley of "Please Twins", "Azumanga Daioh" and "Popotan".

Please! Azumanga Popotan: Difficulty 4.5

Dumb: Came up with a "Urusei Yastura" theme for this song. I used the unplugged version to write most of it.

My Name Is Lum: Difficulty 3.5

Complicated: Went out of my territory here, wrote based on lyrics alone(although I have heard the original song 4 or 5 times). The pacing ended up being way off and the theme I used was done 16 times before me, so it wasn't well received(for more reasons than one). One Avril fan definetly didn't find it funny and told me so.
It was however, a good way to see if I could do a parody with just the lyrics. After finding out it had been done before I could've(and should've) changed the theme.

Avril's songs make me constipated: Difficulty 5+++++(and not worth it)

Sin: My parody of this song was posted today. Done for a contest between me and Red Ant, the parody is about the FCC. This is the 2nd song I've done an FCC basher to. Also the second(third if you count Wet My Bed as a song) Stone Temple Pilots song I have ever parodied.

My Opinion Of The FCC: Difficulty 3

Ain't It A Shame: Did a parody of this Leadbetter song that Kurt Cobain covered. The theme is a play on the original theme.

Ain't It A Shame Parody: Difficulty 3.5

Bleed The Freak: Did a parody of this Alice In Chains song, mainly about how others thought something was wrong with me.

See The Shrink: Difficulty 2

Sex Type Thing: The 3rd Stone Temple Pilots parody I've done. It is about the Please Twins! series.
(Just submitted today, should be up tommorrow).

Please Twins! Trilogy: Kousei's Thing: Difficulty 3

Rape Me: Came up with this parody after posting on the "Bump Me" and "Longest Thread Ever" threads on the "Playful Penguin Playground" message board.

Bump Me: Difficulty 1.5

Subject: Re: Rate the how difficult it was to write your song parodies.

Written By: Dumb Ass Kid on 05/21/05 at 7:09 pm

Nice thread! Okay, here we go...

Alton Towers - 3: Didn't take too long to write and the idea came when I was listening to the original one day
1, 2, Crap                                  - 4: Slightly harder, some of the verses differed in places and then there's the rap part...
Ambulance                                - 3: Ditto with Alton Towers
Are You Gonna Be A Girl              - 3: Idea didn't take long to come, turned out great!
Birdhouse That You Stole            - 5: The hardest pacing scheme of any of the songs i've parodied and challenging original
Brady Boys                                - 2: I remember it being distinctly 'meh'
Buy Them From Ebay                  - 3: Ditto on the other 3s
Can't Sleep                                - 4: Difficult in places because the original changes completely
Can't Stand You Now                  - 4: Trying to parody a song from Doherty's smacked-up mumblings is hard work
Charva Chameleon                      - 3: Meh
Damn I Can't Reach                    - 4: Solid as stone, and by the end of it I still hadn't gotten the pacing right
Decoat It                                  - 2: Not too hard
Dentention (Remix)                    - 4: Have you heard how quickly R Kelly sings in parts of TOS???
Don't Believe                            - 2: Once the idea had came to me, the rest just wrote itself
Don't Fancy Him                        - 2: The meh-est of the meh
F£^* It - 3: The only difficult parts was helping Sarah write the reply parody Please Take My Cash
Five Pound                                - 3: Not an obstacle I couldn't tackle
Got To Restart It                        - 5: Challenging OS made this one of the most difficult ones i've parodied
I Don't Want Your Chicken Wings - 3: Bla
I Like It That Way                      - 1: Due to its highly random content, this one was p!$$
I'm A Crazy Loon                        - 2: Meh with hints of Bla and a side helping of Yawn
I'm P!$$ed Too                          - 3: Can't remember it being that difficult, but it took me a while to write
If I'm Not A Girl                          - 3: This was only my second parody, so I was still an amateur when I wrote this
It's Not A Funeral                      - 2: Wasn't very hard. Took me 15 minutes to write, and turned out to be my best parody ever
Left By Now                              - 2: I was pretty peed off at the time, so I kinda rushed it
Loving Getting Old                      - 3: Didn't take too long to write
Nothing Is Worse Than These      - 4: Took a while coz I had to remember loads of different crap songs and try and fit them in
One Week     - 5: Cruel like a b!tch, this one took a couple of hours to write because of the sheer speed of TOS
Only I                                        - 1: Didn't like this one. Easy
Parody Bla Bla                            - 2: Easy to write, turned out great
Really Dumb                              - 4: Managed to pull of the dum diddly-dum parts of the song, but it took time
School Days                              - 3: Not too hard to write
Stewardess                              - 4: My first ever ever parody EVER, so of course it was a challenge. Now I cud do it in 5 mins tops!
Stuck                           - 3: Hard in some places, easy in others
Stuck In The Middle Of Feuds      - 3: Only hard because I was trying to defend myself without upsetting anyone
Teenage Postman                      - 2: Easy, but turned out pretty average
The Group Group Song              - 3: Was originally going to be called something a little more explicit, so I had to change parts of it
These Songs                              - 2: Not very hard, but turned out one of my best
Wanna Kill You                          - 1: Not very hard coz Saz helped me with bits of it
What They Waiting For?              - 3: Decent
White Chocolate                        - 4: Eek! Dirty chocolate SMUT! Quite a challenge as well
Wookies                                    - 5: Damn that Petey Pablo and his stoopid rapping parts
Worked Up With Anger...            - 2: Blah McMeh
Wound Up                                - 4: TOS was difficult to manipulate in terms of what I was trying to achieve
You Can't Play In Mud                - 2: Not hard, one of my better parodies
Your Songs (Poopie Longstocking)- 3: HILARIOUS! I got a bit of stick for it, though!

Phew. There you go, I hope that is satisfactory

Subject: Re: Rate the how difficult it was to write your song parodies.

Written By: Step-chan on 05/22/05 at 2:20 pm

I remember you mentioned the last one in a thread about the toilet parodies that were being submitted like crazy around that time. I myself am on the side of free expression, but I do agree that they are gross. I also started this topic so I could go and check out more parodies by other authors(there are over 380 authors on this site, it would take alot longer other wise).

Subject: Re: Rate the how difficult it was to write your song parodies.

Written By: Step-chan on 06/13/05 at 4:08 pm


Subject: Re: Rate the how difficult it was to write your song parodies.

Written By: Step-chan on 06/14/05 at 12:52 pm

Updated the list again.

Subject: Re: Rate the how difficult it was to write your song parodies.

Written By: Step-chan on 06/28/05 at 12:11 pm

Bump it up! Updated!!!

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