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Subject: Rate My Favorite Artists

Written By: velvetoneo on 07/31/06 at 9:45 pm

Tori Amos
Joni Mitchell
PJ Harvey
The Velvet Underground
Liz Phair
Aimee Mann
The Smiths/Morrissey
The Flaming Lips
The Replacements
Sonic Youth
The B-52s
The Talking Heads
The Go-Gos
The Bangles
Laura Nyro
The Eurythmics
Elvis Costello
The Pretenders
Joy Division
Kate Bush
Rufus Wainwright
Diana Ross and the Supremes
Martha and the Vandellas
Stevie Wonder
The Pixies
Pet Shop Boys
Donna Summer
Leonard Cohen
Belle & Sebastian
Iggy & The Stooges
Suzanne Vega

Artists I Like, But a Little Less Intensely (Though I Might Want To Get More Into Them):
The Human League
New Order
Frank Zappa
Tears for Fears
Depeche Mode
Cyndi Lauper
Culture Club
Bonnie Raitt
The Cure
Nine Inch Nails
Mazzy Star
Thompson Twins
Martha Wash

Subject: Re: Rate My Favorite Artists

Written By: Dominic L. on 07/31/06 at 9:57 pm

Liz Phair-6
Aimee Mann-7
The Smiths/Morrissey-7
Madonna- (early)-4, (late)-7
The Flaming Lips-10
The B-52s-7 (A lot of their stuff sounds too similar)
Elvis Costello-8
The Pixies-8
Belle & Sebastian-8

Artists I Like, But a Little Less Intensely (Though I Might Want To Get More Into Them):
Frank Zappa-9
Cyndi Lauper-5
Culture Club-5
Nine Inch Nails-7

Subject: Re: Rate My Favorite Artists

Written By: Trimac20 on 08/01/06 at 2:10 am

Out of 10

Tori Amos  6
Joni Mitchell  7
PJ Harvey  6
The Velvet Underground  10
Liz Phair  n/a
Aimee Mann  n/a
The Smiths/Morrissey  9
Madonna  7
Prince  4
Beck  6
The Flaming Lips  7
The Replacements  6
Sonic Youth  7
R.E.M.  8
The B-52s  6
The Talking Heads  6
The Go-Gos  7
The Bangles  5
Laura Nyro  6
The Eurythmics  5
Elvis Costello  6
The Pretenders  6
Joy Division  8
Kate Bush  9
Rufus Wainwright  7
Bjork  7
Squeeze  n/a
Diana Ross and the Supremes  8
Martha and the Vandellas  7
Stevie Wonder  7
The Pixies  8.5
Pet Shop Boys  4
Donna Summer  5
Leonard Cohen  n/a
Belle & Sebastian  8
Iggy & The Stooges  8
Suzanne Vega  n/a

Artists I Like, But a Little Less Intensely (Though I Might Want To Get More Into Them):
ABC  6
The Human League  5
New Order  7
Frank Zappa  6
XTC  9
Tears for Fears  8
Depeche Mode  6
Cyndi Lauper  5
Culture Club  n/a
Bonnie Raitt  n/a
Devo  4
The Cure  5
TLC  7
Nine Inch Nails  4
Blondie  6
Mazzy Star  6
OMD  n/a
Thompson Twins  6
Martha Wash  n/a
RuPaul  n/a

Subject: Re: Rate My Favorite Artists

Written By: GoodRedShirt on 08/01/06 at 2:35 am

Out of Ten (The ones I know more than 1 song from)

Joni Mitchell 5
PJ Harvey 3
The Velvet Underground 10
The Smiths/Morrissey 5
Madonna 2
Prince 1
Beck 6
The Flaming Lips 5
Sonic Youth 5
R.E.M. 8
The B-52s 1
The Talking Heads 7
Elvis Costello 6
The Pretenders 5
Joy Division 6
Kate Bush 6
Bjork 1
The Pixies 7
Belle & Sebastian 3
Iggy & The Stooges 10

Artists I Like, But a Little Less Intensely (Though I Might Want To Get More Into Them):
New Order 8
Frank Zappa 6
Tears for Fears 7
Depeche Mode 6
Cyndi Lauper 1
Devo 5
The Cure 4
Nine Inch Nails 8
Blondie 3

Subject: Re: Rate My Favorite Artists

Written By: Dave79 on 08/07/06 at 2:33 pm

Tori Amos---------4
Joni Mitchell-------4
PJ Harvey----------4
The Velvet Underground---------4
Liz Phair----------4
Aimee Mann  n/a
The Smiths/Morrissey----------4
The Flaming Lips  n/a
The Replacements------------5
Sonic Youth---------------------5
The B-52s-------------------------6
The Talking Heads------------------------6
The Go-Gos------------------------6
The Bangles--------------------------------7
Laura Nyro n/a
The Eurythmics----------------------------7
Elvis Costello-------------------------6
The Pretenders-----------------------------7
Joy Division--------------------------6
Kate Bush n/a
Rufus Wainwright n/a
Squeeze n/a
Diana Ross and the Supremes-------------------------6
Martha and the Vandellas----------------------5
Stevie Wonder---------------------------6
The Pixies-----------------------------6
Pet Shop Boys-------------------------6
Donna Summer-------------------------6
Leonard Cohen  n/a
Belle & Sebastian-------2
Iggy & The Stooges n/a
Suzanne Vega----------------4

Artists I Like, But a Little Less Intensely (Though I Might Want To Get More Into Them):
The Human League n/a
New Order  n/a
Frank Zappa--1
Tears for Fears----------------------6
Depeche Mode------------------5
Cyndi Lauper-------------------------6
Culture Club-----------------------5
Bonnie Raitt--------------------4
The Cure----------------------------------7
Nine Inch Nails--------------------5
Mazzy Star--------------4
OMD n/a
Thompson Twins  n/a
Martha Wash n/a


Subject: Re: Rate My Favorite Artists

Written By: nally on 08/20/06 at 1:08 pm

Wow, this is quite a list. Using the typical 1 to 5 system:

Tori Amos...4.5
Joni Mitchell...3
Liz Phair...3.5
Aimee Mann...3.5
The Smiths/Morrissey...5
The Replacements...2.5
The B-52s...5
The Talking Heads...4.5
The Go-Gos...5
The Bangles...5
Elvis Costello...4
The Pretenders...4.5
Joy Division...4.5
Kate Bush...5
Diana Ross and the Supremes...3
Martha and the Vandellas...3
Stevie Wonder...4
Pet Shop Boys...5
Donna Summer...3.5
Suzanne Vega...4
The Human League...4.5
New Order...4.5
Frank Zappa...4
Tears for Fears...5
Depeche Mode...5
Cyndi Lauper...5 8)
Culture Club...4
Bonnie Raitt...5
The Cure...4.5
Nine Inch Nails...1
Mazzy Star...4 (i only know one of their songs, "Fade Into You")
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark...4
Thompson Twins...4.5

Subject: Re: Rate My Favorite Artists

Written By: Tanya1976 on 08/24/06 at 12:51 am

Tori Amos...6
Joni Mitchell...7
PJ Harvey...5
The Velvet Underground...4
Liz Phair...8 (she lost two points for selling out)
Aimee Mann...
The Smiths/Morrissey...5
The Flaming Lips...4
The Replacements...1
Sonic Youth...3
The B-52s...8
The Talking Heads...5
The Go-Gos...7
The Bangles...7
Laura Nyro...5
The Eurythmics...7
Elvis Costello...5
The Pretenders...5
Joy Division...2
Kate Bush...2
Rufus Wainwright...1
Diana Ross and the Supremes...7
Martha and the Vandellas...6
Stevie Wonder...10
The Pixies...5
Pet Shop Boys..6
Donna Summer...7
Leonard Cohen...2
Belle & Sebastian...2
Iggy & The Stooges..1
Suzanne Vega...3

Artists I Like, But a Little Less Intensely (Though I Might Want To Get More Into Them):
The Human League...7
New Order...5
Frank Zappa...3
Tears for Fears...6
Depeche Mode...6
Cyndi Lauper...7
Culture Club...9
Bonnie Raitt...5
The Cure...4
Nine Inch Nails...4 (I really only liked Closer and I'm Afraid of Americans w/David Bowie)
Mazzy Star...1
Thompson Twins
Martha Wash...4

Subject: Re: Rate My Favorite Artists

Written By: Zoso on 08/29/06 at 4:04 am

Joni Mitchell 3
The Velvet Underground 3
The Smiths/Morrissey 3
Madonna 1
Prince 5
Beck 4
The Flaming Lips 3
R.E.M. 2
The B-52s 1
The Talking Heads 1
The Bangles 1
The Eurythmics 1
Kate Bush 3
Rufus Wainwright 2
Bjork 2
Diana Ross and the Supremes 4
Martha and the Vandellas 4
Stevie Wonder 5
The Pixies 3
Pet Shop Boys 2
Donna Summer 1
Iggy & The Stooges 2
Frank Zappa 3
Depeche Mode 2
Cyndi Lauper 1
Culture Club 1
Devo 1
The Cure 2
Nine Inch Nails 3
Blondie 1

Subject: Re: Rate My Favorite Artists

Written By: HawkTheSlayer on 09/01/06 at 5:04 am

Tori Amos- 5 (Not too familiar with her, but I don't like rats!)
Joni Mitchell- 3 (Not big into folk music)
PJ Harvey- 5 (Preferred her late father, Alex)
The Velvet Underground- 8 (Lou Reed!)
Liz Phair-2
Aimee Mann- 5 (Preferred her with Til Tuesday)
The Smiths/Morrissey- n/a (Don't listen to them)
Madonna-3 (FAR TOO Overplayed!)
Prince- 8 (Gett Off...23 positions in a 1-nite stand)
Beck- 2 (He's a loser, baby...)
The Flaming Lips- 6 (Any group involving Steve Burns from "Blue's Clues" is OK!)
The Replacements- n/a
Sonic Youth- n/a
R.E.M.- 3
The B-52s- 5 (Like their earlier stuff)
The Talking Heads- 6 (Dig that David Byrne!)
The Go-Gos- 7 (NOW we're talkin')
The Bangles- 6 (The Go-Gos Lite!)
Laura Nyro- n/a
The Eurythmics- 8
Elvis Costello- 4
The Pretenders- 7
Joy Division- n/a
Kate Bush- 8 (Love her duet with Peter Gabriel)
Rufus Wainwright- 7
Bjork- n/a
Squeeze- 7
Diana Ross and the Supremes- 6
Martha and the Vandellas- 5
Stevie Wonder- 8
The Pixies- n/a
Pet Shop Boys- 6
Donna Summer- 5.5
CHIC- 6 (Wish they'd done more)
Leonard Cohen- n/a
Belle & Sebastian- ???
Iggy & The Stooges- 6 (Now, Iggy alone...9)
Suzanne Vega- 6

Artists I Like, But a Little Less Intensely (Though I Might Want To Get More Into Them):
ABC- 5
The Human League- 7
New Order- n/a
Frank Zappa- 9 (Watch out where the huskies go, & don'tchoo eat dat yellow snow!)
XTC- 7
Tears for Fears- 6.5
Depeche Mode- 3
Cyndi Lauper- 2
Culture Club- 3
Bonnie Raitt- 3
Devo- 9
The Cure- 1
TLC- n/a
Nine Inch Nails- 2 (That Trent Reznor's a sick bastard!)
Blondie- 7
Mazzy Star- n/a
OMD- 5
Thompson Twins- 3.5
Martha Wash- ???
RuPaul- 6 (OK, but I think Eddie Murphy picked RuPaul up once, didn't he?)

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