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Subject: Only in Philadelphia?...Wingbowl XIV

Written By: loki 13 on 02/02/07 at 3:48 pm

Today, Philadelphia's Sports Talk Radio Station, WIP, hosted it's 15th annual wingbowl competition. This event
is held the Friday before the Superbowl, and each year it gets bigger. 15 years ago it was held in the Wyndam
Franklin Plaza, So many people showed up that the following years it was held in bigger venues. The wingbowl
used to be strictly for Philly and surrounding area contestants but the last few years it has been open to the
IFOCE (International Federation Of Competitive Eaters). Since opening it to the IFOCE, no Philly contender has
won. This years winner was Joey Chestnut of the IFOCE with a total of 182 wings.

This reason I ask if this is just a Philly thing, is not because of a bunch of fat guys, and one slender woman who
placed third, in an eating contest. They have eating contest all over the country. The reason I ask is, this contest
is held in the morning. The parking lots open at 4:00am, they used to open earlier but too many people got too
drunk, too early. The parade of contestants starts at 6:00am, the actual contest starts around 8:00am.

This contest has over 20,000 people, drinking in the morning, watching fat guys, and one slender woman, eat wings.
More people attend this stupid event at the Wachovia Center than they attend the Sixers of the NBA and Flyers of
the NHL. So I ask again, is this just a Philly thing?

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