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Subject: Future child molesters from my childhood, part 1

Written By: MaxwellSmart on 02/14/10 at 1:30 am

This week I found out two kids I went to school with, now middle-aged men, raped children.  One man is just getting out prison, the other is just getting out.  I use their names because they have been published in national publications and their crimes are a matter of public record.  Just Google search the names.

Part 1

Zebadiah Kellogg-Roe is a name I mentioned as remarkable in an other thread.  Zeb's father, Gene, ran a small farm, a salvage yard, a cider press, and sold bulk health foods and psychedelic drugs.  His father new my father.  Later, when Zeb turned up in my brother's class at Bennington, my father remarked, "Oh yeah, Gene Roe, I used to buy brown rice and acid from him!"  Thus, the Kellogg-Roe clan was part of the Southern NH counterculture in the early '70s, and so was mine.  Zeb was in my Waldorf kindergarten class.  I have forgotten most of the other little boys and girls from that class, but not Zeb.  Zeb was an obdurate little boy who would come over and wreck whatever you were doing.  We would group together and build towers out of wooden blocks.  Zeb would take a Tonka truck and knock down everybody else's building.  He had a penchant for aggression.  One time he attacked me from behind and choked off my wind pipe.  If my friend Kyle hadn't pulled him off, I would have passed out.  When first grade started at the Waldorf school, Zeb was not among us, and we were relieved. 

Flash forward three decades. 

Mr. Kellogg-Roe has followed in his father's footsteps.  He runs the little farm and the cider press, and is civic-minded man as demonstrated by his station as town treasurer for Greenville, NH.  For most of the past decade, the community viewed Mr. Kellogg-Roe as a decent fellow with eccentric New Age beliefs reminiscent of the 1960s organic hippie farmer.  Unfortunately, there's a pathology coursing through his mind; one he will act upon when the time arrives. 

The details of who the 12-year-old girl's mother was and why she sent her daughter to live at Kellogg-Roe's farm in 2001 is hazy.  However, Mr. Kellogg-Roe had the girl bedding down in one of the stables in the barn.  There he began to "romance" her.  He gave her gifts and told her she was beautiful, which commenced to fondling the girl, followed by repeated rapes.

The girl did not speak up until 2003, when Zebadiah Kellogg-Roe was still playing the respected hippie farmer and Greenville town treasurer.  Mr. Kellogg-Roe knew he was pinched in 2005 when his neighbor, with whom he discussed the nature of the relationship, had her phone tapped and got Mr. Kellogg-Roe to repeat his confessions.  Kellogg-Roe was not formally charged until 2008.  He confessed to the local police.  In court appearances, Kellogg-Roe went on so described self-righteous tangents about his contempt for traditional values about sexuality.  He alternately tried to say he was sorry while toeing the line that he didn't really do anything wrong.  State shrink said Kellogg-Roe seemed to be suffering from depression, anxiety, and narcissistic personality traits.  At one point Kellogg-Roe theatrically asked for the death penalty.  At another point, he attempted suicide during the proceedings by downing a whole bunch of unspecified pills.

One of the examiners described Kellogg-Roe as "stuck in the sixties."  Nice try on blaming the hippies.  Sexual intercourse with a 12-year-old girl was a crime in 1967 and it was a crime in 2001.  I commented to the Manchester Union Leader that it was only the the most lunatic fringe of the counterculture that would ever condone adult sexual contact with a child.  Kellogg-Roe's father was way out there, but I don't think even Gene Roe was that far out.

Zebadiah Kellogg-Roe faces 40-80 years when he is sentenced this coming March.

I went to kindergarten with that man, and his father and mine were in the hippie community around Hillsborough County, NH, back in the 1970s.

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