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Subject: Interactions between family members

Written By: 90s Guy on 07/19/18 at 5:07 pm

Does anyone find like, interactions between family members, especially between those of slightly different age groups, interesting? Like an example, it was always interesting to hear my dad (born in 54) and my brother in law's dad (born in 44) discuss elements of pop culture from the past or chat in general. Like I have them on tape back in 05 discussing cartoons from the 50s/60s, how those cartoons were in theory aimed at kids, but had a lot of in-jokes the adults could appreciate. Hard to explain, but mixing various people and their individual personalities has always been interesting to me, especially between people either of two different generations or in between generations.

Subject: Re: Interactions between family members

Written By: on 08/20/18 at 10:32 pm

Are you kidding me? My aunts and uncles were creating such a toxic and hostile environment everytime they visited with my grandpa.  Even after my grandpa passed away they came over the next day to settle the will. ::) ::) ::)

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