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Subject: Ever lived in a place where nothing goes right?

Written By: xris on 08/16/18 at 4:19 pm

I'm curious if you've ever lived in a place where it seemed all your luck went completely out the window? Or bad things just seemed to find you? To the ridiculous point where you feel like this must be a sign that this city is not for you and vice versa and you ought to leave?

I moved to a (I_am_a_loser_who_has_no_respect_for_women)ry two separate times, and went through some of the worst experiences of my life. They could have happened anywhere, true, but it just got to me that they always happened immediately when I moved there. I really wasn't able to be happy living there because bad things kept happening. I even felt like the country was trying to drive me out, like I was cursed. Not literally, but it was just amazing how many bad memories I'd created in such a short time. You don't want to blame the city itself, but then again, you're thinking, "wow, I just can't win here." Same for my home city - I barely made 7 or 8 friends here for 25+ years living here, yet I made 11 in a different city just for a year! I also did my first sleepover there and constantly went out with them, sth here back home seems impossible to achieve. Maybe we just can't ever jive well in certain places? I don't know.

Ever moved to a city that had the same effect on you? What happened? Did you give up and leave or stick it out?

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