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Subject: Please Read If You're Thinking of Sending Parents to Assisted Living

Written By: xX07-GhostXx on 12/20/22 at 2:18 pm

Or a nursing home.

TL;DR at the bottom.

It was by happenstance that my Mom's sister learned me and my brother were planning to admit her into assisted living.

She called me seemingly in a panic after my brother said something that pissed me off enough to where I wasn't going to stay at that family reunion any longer. At least for that day, as it was then happening, in particular.

She told me the country's facilities for the old and disabled were neglectful without exception. I didn't know whether to believe her since she was the older of the two sisters, but remembering how she stood up to my brother and rightfully yelled at him when he was verbally abusing my Mom one of many times, I came to conclude, at least for the time being, none of the two sisters hated the other. This experience also made me conclude that I should accept her offer to care for my Mom for me, allowing me to advance in my own life or at least move somewhere besides where I was for years.

I was so hyperfocused on the helpless state my Mom was in, and how much I hate my own brother, that I didn't even think to ask my Mom's sister, who is fully retired, for help.

It's the kind of coincidence that makes me amazed, if it even was a coincidence.

TL;DR: If your life is at a halt because you're looking after a disabled parent who you love, please consider the possibility of them having good relations with their own family, and of you asking those family members for help, before thinking of admitting your loved parent into a home.

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