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Subject: doctor who human suits ( my first sci fi script)

Written By: mr crowly on 01/29/07 at 11:42 am

this is my first  script ive been working on ive only got the first minute and a half so far ( iam a slow typer )  but i was just wondering what you guys think of it so far ive still got a lot to work on but here it is so far.  ie spelling  cammara angles ect but as i said its only the first minute and  a half

                                                        dr who   human suits                                                                                                                 page 1

                                                              exteria   forest   night    intro screen

                      the wind is  whistling  loudly  the leaves  is waving about vilontly  two people are walking trough the  forest   both carrying heavy sacks   
          they are dreased in long cloaks  with hoods over their heads.  the cloaks are long going over the feet   coulour is white  with a gold sash around  the  waist

                 they are walking along normally   when one of the people hears something  he stops  to try and spot something   his company  calls on him

                                                                        person one : come on man  its going to rain soon

                                                                                  persontwo :  did you hear that 

                                                            person one   comes running back looking a bit angry 

                               person one  :  hear what   ( cheacks behind his freand)  theres nothing there 

                           person two shaken  and nervous   i really did hear something   it sounded like thunder 

                                      person one shakes his head  then starst  to move

                   person one come on i wont leave you  person two  takes one more look around then both leave

        they turn round to be faced  with a  shadow like figure    we cant make out it featurs yet     person one    runs away but the  2nd person stands frozen   the frist person                        turns to screams   

                                             first person: are you all right   he rushes back   to face the back of his freand

                                       first person : you really scared i know it was just our mind playing tricks now come on 

    he tugs  on  the mates shoulder    turns him round  to be faced with  a corpse person two is   totaly decomposed  nothing is shown of him orther than   white skin his eyes is no           longer in sockets     hisa body is nothing more a  skeleton    person one    lets go of the body   and the body crumples in to dust  straeght away   he then runs he gets so far               then the same  shado figure reaches out to him  befor he reacts   person two starts to decay screams can be heard  then the  shadow figure vansishes 


interia  tardis  screen 1

    the tardis controll room  is  the old version     theres scilence  then we hear voices comming from the back   a male  and female  are agruin its quite freandly but very stern  at t he same time .   this is THE DOCTOR and KENYA 

                                          doctor  :  so you think time traveling dosent excist  right

     kenya:  well we were taught that  there  are no  other planest to vist   like they were wiped out  or something    know what i mean

     the doctor   walks in to the controll room    with his hands in his pockets  and a stern look on his face  kenya  follows   running up  towards him

                                 doctor : so you think it dosent exsit  well  let me show you   kenya prepair for the shock of youre life   

                 the doctor starts working the tardis the noices can be heard  kenya covers her ears and looks around expecting to be atcked   

                           the noices stop kenya comes to her sences and the doctor look at her with  a smug smile on his face

                                                                                     doctor  opens the door   

                                                                      doctor :  so you   want to go first  or shall i 

                                             kenya  bows   to the doctor    then the doctor walks out  kenya follows suit

                                                                                     screen 2  exteria   forest
doctor cheaks his watch   then turns to kenya who is looking around  at the screen  around her  the forest is dark and creepy trees dont have leaves on them  the ground is   dead .   hardly any flowers grows .  no sighn of life can   be seen 

                        doctor :  no time  hmmm  theres no year ether strange really dont you think kenya

                                               kenya (dazzled) what  oh yes pancakes very strange

                                                          doctor what  i was talking bout this place   

                                                    the doctor takes kenyas hand  and looks her in the eye 

                                 doctor : kenya i know youre feeling uneasy  but   trust  me  something gonna happen

               shots is fired in the sky    people in hoods    same as  befor    the docotor and kenya is surrounded  by  hooded monks 

                                                            doctor: i just  had to open my bad mouth 

                                                                                  kenya : yup 

                              DOCTOR  :    iam   going to get   so much stick for this but take  us to youre leader
                                                          kenya  covers her eyes embarasment 


   there  matching on to through the forest    the doctor and kenya  are in front  the  hoods  are at the back the hoods are poiting   guns towards them   telling them to go on   the  amont of trees  get  less and less the more they go on    they  then all   stop    in front of a  crowd of tents   most of them have lights in them others are dark but you can see t  he shape of the tents  a old man  comes forward  he streaches out his arms the hoods do the same in responce  the doctor and kenya look round the old man then turns round  to the doctor and kenya

                                                       old man:  whats going here then   why  did you bring these two here

                                     one of the hoods  steps  forward  then kneels down in front of the old man  as if  praying to wards them
hood :  we found these two  near the   body of our fellow hoods  we   beleve they killed them ( the hood turns round towards them  acusing therm)

and advice   will be greatfull thanks ps i hope this is the right section for this ;D

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