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Subject: bat man script

Written By: mr crowly on 03/18/07 at 8:57 am

can you guys please tell me what you think of this little batman bit iv still to add more  but it s prity much a minute long 

                                    batman ;    a riddle a day

interior  afternoon  gothom  musaim

wre in a hall  there a fairly big crowd  with people  gathered round one artifacts  theres a curtain over it  with tail end just going over the floor  two men one on each side  are bout to reveal the statue to everyone  the man on the right graps the curtain whilst the other man graps the people attention

Mr  anterbourg :  Ladies and gentleman thank you for comming here today  myself and  my associates are proud to present the greatest artifact  this side of Gotham  has ever seen( he pulls the curtain off then stands aside the audience gasp with shock as nothing is there except a note  Mr anterbourg picks it up and reads it out

Mr anterbourg :  when is a man like stone  if that one too hard for you get bat man to solve it  signed ( cuts to  batman and robin in commissioner's Gordon's office )

bat man : the riddler 

interior  mid afternoon police head quarter's 

batman and robin is pacing  around  whilst commissioner is siting on his desk  robin punches his fist  they both pay attention to him

robin :  when is  a man like stone Ive got it  whne you're tough skinned 

bat man that it my dear boy

robin but i don't get it  why whould riddler leave something useless as this  it doesn't mean anything dose it ?

batman takes the letter from robins hand  then reads it himself 

batman  :  sometimes enigmas riddles dosent have a meaning  at all

robin what ?

commissioner's : a lot of puzzles have double meaning boy wonder  it just the matter of going trough the back and comming to front 

batman correct  commissioner  but we cant be too sure well  take this back to the batcave Right now well let you know of the result's  sir

commissioner very well ( the phones rings the let it go for 3  all 3 look at each other the commissioners anwsers the phone )

commishenr : hello who is this 

we hear a laugh the the person speaks  with a sinister tone

riddler : good evening Gordon  hope you're having a nice day 

commissioners  : riddler ( batman and robin both look up  then walk forward to the phone)

commissioners :  how dare yo call here  i out to arrest you Right now

riddler :: for  what Gordon making a phone call  ( laughs )

riddler:  now listen up  i know bat man  and boy wonder there right now so pass on this riddle  if the last one was a piece of cake this  next riddle will be a snap  whats got four legs never moves and always sitting down  laughs  bye now

with that the dynamic duo  race off back to the bat cave leaving Gordon behind

screen 2 

interior  puzzle factory

tell me what you think any tips will be great

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