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Subject: Artists/bands which would fit the atmosphere of TV shows?

Written By: Marty McFly on 10/15/07 at 4:42 am

Is there any music you can think of where it goes hand in hand with the overall "feel" of the show, without the artists actually necesarilly being a part of it? Maybe it could be something you could see the characters listening to, or it defined the years where it was most popular. Maybe even the artists themselves have a personality or an image that fits their world.

Here's a few of my guesses:

Growing Pains - Bruce Springsteen, poppier hair metal (an early episode actually had Mike attending a Bruce concert!).

The Simpsons (classic 1991ish era) - Michael Jackson

Square Pegs - early new wave like Human League

Fresh Prince of Bel Air - (besides Will himself) MC Hammer and other more accessible hip hop.

Full House - Paula Abdul, Bon Jovi and other pop metal bands, Richard Marx.

Home Improvement - lite grunge bands, such as Collective Soul or Gin Blossoms.

Roseanne - don't know it in enough detail, but I'd guess poppy hard rock...again, the hair metal bands would fit.

Seinfeld - hmm, I could see Elaine being into '80s music; Jerry and George most likely classic rock; and Kramer would like anything, lol. So whatever kinda resemled all that in early-mid '90s Top Forty (i.e. Hootie and the Blowfish, AC songs by Rod Stewart and Michael Jackson, etc).

Beavis and Butthead - Nirvana (this show was THE definer of the grunge era in many ways)

Subject: Re: Artists/bands which would fit the atmosphere of TV shows?

Written By: woops on 10/20/07 at 1:51 am

"Daria", probably college rock/indie music. Quinn is probably into teen pop & Top 40  from the later '90's. Jane, more artsy avante garde bands like Radiohead and indie/alernative artists like Tori Amos.

"Sarah Silverman Program", it's been mentioned that Brain & Steve (the neighbors) were to go to a Rush concert on one episode and since they're stoners they probably enjoy Pink Floyd and maybe '60's rock bands like The Greatful Dead & The Doors.

"Married...with Children", Kelly would be into metal (hardcore & hair bands).

In the early '90's, Bud was in a hip hop phase (though the actor was also into rap).

Peg is into oldies/pop music from the 1960's & 1970's. Also Al, though he's probably also into hardrock from the '70's.

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