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Subject: Cannonball Run: 2795 miles, 31 hours, 4 minutes.

Written By: Foo Bar on 10/16/07 at 9:44 pm

The record had stood at 32:07 since 1983.  Until last year.  Now that the statute of limitations has run out...

Cops: Headquarters, we are still in pursuit of the blue BMW.
HQ: Car 42, you've been in pursuit for two hours. Another five minutes and you'll be in Arizona.
Cops: Yeah?  And we're gonna stay in pursuit until we catch him.
HQ: It didn't take us that long to catch Dillinger...

What do you say when there are no words?  (feel it)
Feel a song that's never been heard?  (sing it)
How do you know when you hear the call?  (answer it)
What do you do when you've done it all?  (ball)
- Ray Stevens, Cannonball Run, 1981.

Off to the side of the article is a picture of the interior of the car.  As much as the ambulance in Cannonball Run was based on a real-life vehicle that made the run, we've come full circle.  The gadgetry in the BMW that set the record for the next 20 years bears more than a passing resemblance (in both form and function) to the Subaru in the ficticious movie. 

Fox's Drive tried (and sadly failed) to be this decade's answer to the 70s' Gumball Rally and the 80s' Cannonball Run and the 90s' Fast and the Furious  (OK, so Fast and the Furious was 2001, but I'm gonna claim poetic license and claim anything from pre-9/11 America to be part of the 90s pop culture :).  Pity about Drive, though.  Bad show, but a great idea from an underutilized genre.  Maybe someone'll pick up on it next decade.

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