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Subject: Stereotypes and being stereotyped

Written By: xSiouXBoIx on 11/16/07 at 3:40 pm

I feel kind of dumb getting offended by stereotypes of gay people, because I fit alot of the stereotypes. I love old melodramas, fashion, campy movies, Bette Davis, Madonna, Deborah Harry, Donna Summer, disco, I worry about what my hair looks like, I'm not good at sports, I have limp wrists, etc. I know stereotypes are bad, but....Has anyone ever felt this way? Like you can't really argue with how you are stereotyped?

Subject: Re: Stereotypes and being stereotyped

Written By: Step-chan on 11/16/07 at 3:57 pm

I think everyone fits into some stereotypes as well as not fit into other ones for their demographic....

I'm a big anime fan for instances, alot of hardcore anime fans tend to use Japanese words part of the time and write fan fiction. I fit into some of the hardcore anime fan stereotypes because I do actually use some Japanese words part of the time. I don't write fan fiction, however. A big negative stereotype of anime fans is that they wish that they were Japanese, which isn't true for the majority of us, including me.(You've probably heard of some of the other stereotypes as well)

The thing with me is, while I'm hetero... I don't have any interest in sports. Some people think(including someone else on here awhile back) that I should check out sports, to try and change my mind. The thing is, I don't try to convert anyone into fans of any geeky interest, so I find it to be kinda silly when they do that.

I also don't like to wear cologne and don't understand what the big deal is with cars.

I have a related topic in PPP about what sterotypes you don't fit into, check it out if you want:

Subject: Re: Stereotypes and being stereotyped

Written By: apollonia1986 on 11/16/07 at 7:21 pm

There are alot of things I do that have stereotypes attached to them, none of which I fit.

I am a Michael Jackson fan and alot of people think that all the fans do if follow Michael around and have no lives outside of him. So not true of me. Yes I enjoy his music and collecting his memorobilia, but I have friends, some of whom don't like him. We hang out and go shopping and do normal things normal people do. I have a job where I help take care of disabled people. I don't spend every waking second thinking about Michael or trying to keep after him. That's what the paparazzi is for. LOL.

I am also a beauty pageant participant. Alot of people think that all beauty queens are blonde, skinny and stupid. I am not stupid. I am a very smart articulate person and I spend my free time reading and writing novels. I am not blonde, my hair is actually black and I have brown eyes. And I am also a Black person.  :)  And I am not a waif, stick figure. I am a full figured person and proud of it .  ;D

I am a fan of Prince and alot of people actually think that I dress in purple all the time. WTF. Purple is my favorite color--it has nothing to do with him--, but to be honest, I only have two purple articles of clothing, a plain purple blouse, and a purple T-shirt with Prince's name on it. Newsflash, even Prince himself doesn't wear purple all the time. LOL.

People think that full figured or overweight people are sloppy and lazy and all. >:( I am not by any means lazy. In any given day, I work, write on a story, practice hours for a pageant, and then design clothing for not only me, three other girls I'm helping with pageants ranging in age from 6-14. I got out with friends. I take care of my appearance. I mean God only gave me one body, I feel it's my duty to make it look nice, right.  :)

Subject: Re: Stereotypes and being stereotyped

Written By: Brigitte on 11/17/07 at 3:49 pm

Some people think I'm a lesbian because I adore Marilyn Monroe. I hate that! I think she is a beautiful sexy woman but I don't want to have sex with her!

Subject: Re: Stereotypes and being stereotyped

Written By: quirky_cat_girl on 11/17/07 at 10:15 pm really does suck to be stereotyped.  I try not to judge people, and accept them for how they really are.  I have found that once you let those kinds of initial connotations end up meeting some really nice people.  :)

Subject: Re: Stereotypes and being stereotyped

Written By: Brigitte on 11/18/07 at 11:00 am

I was in my local pub last week and saw this man at the bar that had a long beard and dread locks, he reminded me of a mountain man or viking or something.
Kinda like the man in this picture...

Anyway, I thought he was homeless or something as he was unkempt and skinny. It turns out that he is a glass artist and a great conversationalist!
So you should not judge a book by it's cover. (as the saying goes)

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