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Subject: Album Cuts

Written By: malibumike65 on 09/13/08 at 2:49 am

Ever since vinyl records went to 33 and a third, albums have always sprung hit songs, but often there are songs on an album that get no airplay, and unless you're familiar with that particular album, a lot of these songs go unnoticed. I thought about a thread dedicated to album cuts as a way to share great songs that escaped airplay. Try to give the album name, artist, and song title if you can. I'll start off, but any amount of songs, from 1 on upward, can be shared at any time. Just remember only album cuts. No Top 40 entries.

Louisianna Rain - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (Damn The Torpedoes)
    A song that surprised me by being placed on a mostly predominant rock album, the song is a country ballad. Nice sound tho

Subject: Re: Album Cuts

Written By: AmericanGirl on 09/13/08 at 12:58 pm

For some artists, album cuts are the main event, the ones everyone ends up knowing.  Led Zeppelin comes to mind.   :D

It's hard to pick just one - there's so, so many.  But here goes.  Many of you will know this one:

Artist: Beatles
Album: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Song: (so many to pick from, so I'll just pick one) Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kite

I love this song.  John Lennon paints such a fabulous mental picture of a circus in it (it was supposedly inspired by a circus poster).  Kudos to the whole album - this one's among my many favorites on it.

Subject: Re: Album Cuts

Written By: greenjello74 on 09/25/08 at 9:21 pm

Sand in your shoes from Al Stewarts Year of the Cat

Subject: Re: Album Cuts

Written By: whistledog on 09/25/08 at 10:35 pm

One of my favourites currently is 'I Say I Love You' by Darren Styles off his current debut album 'Skydivin'.  I don't know if it will be a single or not, but I certainly hope so

Subject: Re: Album Cuts

Written By: Claybricks on 09/27/08 at 9:19 am

Artist: Tower of Power

Song: Just Another Day

Album Title: Tower of Power

Year: 1973

Tower of Power's biggest hit song, 'So Very Hard To Go', is from the same album and reached #17 on the Billboard charts.

Artist: Stevie Wonder

Song: Creepin'

Album: Fulfillingness' First Finale

Year: 1974

Note: 1974 Grammy Winner 'Album of The Year'

The top hit songs from this album are:

You haven't Done Nothin'   #1 Billboard Charts

Boogie On Reggae Woman #3 Billboard Charts


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