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Subject: Top 10 Most Overrated Music Videos

Written By: woops on 11/22/08 at 9:04 pm

Here's some  videos that are often kissed upon by critics, MTV/VH1 (ie "Greatest" lists), won VMAs, and overplayed.

While "Thiller" is often considered the greatest, I don't consider it as my all time (or most people's) favorite video. Didn't list it since it would be a bit ironic...

Also most aren't exactly the worst, but are just plain average or nothing special.

out of many...

10.  Bruce Springsteen "Dancing In The Dark"

OK song, though wasn't for future "Friends" actress Courtney Cox, the video wouldn't be that memorable

9. Sinead O'Connor "Nothing Compares 2 U"

MTV VMA Video of the Year winner of 1990. While it's a good song, the video's mostly images of a garden and Sinead's face.

8. Blind Melon "No Rain"

Well,  it probably  inspired Amy Poehler to create "The Mighty B!". I get the message of being an outisder, but the video's nothing special

7.  Michael  Jackson & Janet Jackson "Scream"

Despite it won a few awards including the Grammy's "Best Music Video", it's one of the worst videos ever!!!

6. The Police "Every Breath You Take"

... the only thing memorable about the video is the opening scene.

5. Don Henley "The Boys Of Summer"

MTV  VMA Video of the Year for 1985. Rather find the video extremely boring.

4. The Aerosmith Alicia Silverstone triology

...don't get the appeal. One of the videos, "Cryin", is MTV VMA Video Of The Year for 1994.

3.  Van Halen "Jump"

...despite that the song's supposedly Van Halen's only Top 40 from the David Lee  Roth era (according to VH1) and that the video constantly appearing in "Greastest Videos" lists. it's just an average music video with the band performing at a soundstage.

2. Nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

... they had better. Also they weren't exactly the first alternative band to become mainstream either. (no offense to Nirvana fans)

1. Madonna "Ray Of Light"

...MTV VMA  Video of the Year of 1998, but I actually consider it one of her worst videos since it's very fast paced and nothing really "innovating" since the fast motion effect have been done before.

Anybody agree, disagree, or any omissions...

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