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Subject: Early, Mid, and late 20th Century

Written By: yelimsexa on 03/25/10 at 9:35 am

I know this is a bit of a "centuryology" topic much like the decadelogy trend on this forum in the mid-2000s, but what are the main "vibe differences" between these parts of the 20th Century?

I'd Say Early: 1900-1938 (Defined by great mechanical machinery, decline of the agricultural industry (in relevance, not production) modernism, urbanization of developed countries reaches it's peak, ragtime followed by jazz, the peak of printed media, but discrimination is still strong and society is generally progressive.

Mid: 1939-1966 (Defined by African colonialism, the rise of mass media (Radio, television), the rise of the suburbia (shopping malls, cul-de-sacs, parkways), the rise of air travel and the fall of ships and railroads, the rise of communism, the peak of pop standards)

Late: 1967-2000 (The rise of computers, individualism, feminism, the beat becomes more important than melody in music, casual fashion, apathy, the 24/7 culture develops.)

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