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Subject: Video Kids – ancestry

Written By: Henk on 08/13/11 at 12:26 pm

I promised to do this quite some time ago, but other things kept coming up. Now here it is, for all of you that think (thought) Video Kids were a one hit wonder…
Cees Bergman, Erwin van Prehn, Elmer Verhoeff, Aart Mol and Geert Jan Hessing joined forces in the 1970’s. They started out as a regular band, called Catapult. After some initial success in The Netherlands, they decided to “disband” to create more time for their side projects (which, by the late 1970’s, had overshadowed the original band anyway). Those side projects included (co) writing and producing songs for others, as well as recording their own stuff under various goofy monikers. You'll find all of them listed below, in chronological order.

*  = song in Dutch, so no link provided
1) = no video available, just audio
2) = see videos at bottom of post

1974 | Hit The Big Time 1)
1974 | Let Your Hear Hang Down 2)
1974 | Teeny Bopper Band 2)
1975 | Seven Eleven 1)
1975 | The Stealer 1)
1976 | Remember September 1)
1976 | Here We Go 1)
1977 | Disco Njet Vodka Da 1)
1978 | Schoolgirl

Rubberen Robbie
1978 | Zuipen *
1981 | De Nederlandse Sterre Die Strale Overal *
1981 | Meer Nederlandse Sterre (Holland Olé) *
1982 | De Nederlandse Sterre Die Viere Carnaval *
1982 | Het Slurvenlied *
1982 | Ik Ben Met Katootje *
1983 | Een Beetje Verziekt (De Hazes Medley) *

1980 | Mono 2)

Master Genius
1984 | Let’s Break 1)
1984 | Let’s Break Into The 80’s 1)

Video Kids
1984 | Woodpeckers From Space 2)
1985 | Do The Rap 1) (no video)

1988 | Aanvallen! *

De Smurfen
1995 | No Limit (with Irene Moors) *
1995 | Waarom Doe Jij Nooit Gewoon *
1995 | ‘k Heb Nieuwe Schoenen *
1995 | Knutsel Komt Zo *

Let Your Hair Hang Down

Teeny Bopper Band


Woodpeckers From Space

Subject: Re: Video Kids – ancestry

Written By: whistledog on 08/13/11 at 2:33 pm

Based on North American charts, Video Kids were a zero hit wonder lol
'Woodpeckers From Space' was a OHW in the UK, peaking at #72 in 1985

I know the song from a CD I bought years ago called Best of Dance '85 that had a bunch of great songs I never knew about previously. 
The version of 'Woodpeckers' on that is different from that version as heard in the official music video.

Master Genius seems pretty good.  I will listen further later.  I like experiencing new songs I never knew about before :)

Subject: Re: Video Kids – ancestry

Written By: Bobby on 09/24/11 at 9:50 am

Excellent referencing there, Henk. They seem to be like the Jonathon King of The Netherlands (minus his 'alleged' perverted behaviour).

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