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Subject: The Gangs All Here., Lets Get This Party Started!

Written By: runawaygrl73 on 06/20/12 at 11:15 am

  Have you ever been part of the crowd that ignored your high school reunion no matter how popular or cool you were,
only as years went by for your friends from school to always bump into you and know yours was the house to go to? Well,
that's how it is at my house, every Friday night, only we call it Tuesday. Our daily life is just that, daily life hence why we
call Friday (or any other day) Tuesday, and our weekends are our high school reunions and each week they get bigger!~
My boyfriend was the cool one, he was like Bender from The Breakfast Club.., and I was quiet and unnoticed more like that
Alyson in the movie., but. either way the gang's all here, and we get the party started every weekend and life is very good 8)
  With the gang here, who needs H.S. Reunions!?....LOL

Subject: Re: The Gangs All Here., Lets Get This Party Started!

Written By: runawaygrl73 on 06/21/12 at 9:24 am

::) I may seem like I'm just babbling, but who else here feels as if they would sometimes
just love to be a teenager back in the 80's again, even just for a week or weekend? I would
love it! I know the that majority of the people today wouldn't survive without their cell
phones or some form of instant communication forget without certain websites..(FB and
others). So much more about life was actually fun, we got off our rear ends and moved
around and did things, didn't just stare at computer screens all day .., WE MADE LIFE FUN!
Kids these days have no idea how to do that~~ so I'm on a mission!  My mission is that my
boyfriend and I are going to try to take my kids (sons ages 12 and 13) to the Rustic drive-in
on Rte 146 in I think n smithfield, ri.., before the season is over in September., something
they would otherwise probably never see and would never cross their minds in the future
as drive ins are near extinct.

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