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Subject: "Soap Opera" music

Written By: yelimsexa on 03/11/14 at 6:47 am

Recently I've been watching a bunch of Soap Operas over the years throughout TV history, and I notice that there are in general different epochs of the style of music you'll find, whether if its part of the show's theme, or what ever plays in the background. That said, this is the approximate feel I get:

1950s-early 1960s: If you ask the average person under 55 today, they'll identify such music as that belonging in some horror-themed event, with maybe a few middle-aged stating at a a church. The Hammond Organ was the dominant instrument, and quite frankly some clips from this era, in its black and white glory, would work well at haunted houses and creepfests! Back at a time when daytime drama was usually more edgy than the safer Leave It To Beaver-style primetime. This was a golden age of soaps in which only a handful of episodes still exist since these were broadcast live rather than on tape.
Mid-late 1960s: A transitional period where the organ use gradually wanes and gets replaced by an orchestra. The music is still rather edgy sounding. The premiere of Days of Our Lives in 1965 with its orchestral theme, combined with the switch to color prompts such changes.
1970s: The "silver age" of soap operas. Practically all music is now orchestral with a lush, rich sound that sounds like light classical music. Later in the decade, some soft rock begins to be used during love themes.
1980s: The last great decade for soap operas. Soft rock now becomes the dominant form of music used unless if the soap continues to use the classic theme. Radio gets dominanted with this sort of sound, with Rick Springfield's "Jessie's Girl" about as popular as it gets. Many sappy love ballads from this decade are used as love themes, and some background music starts to use synths.
1990s: Smooth jazz themes become more common, culiminating with Young & Restless' 1999 retool of its theme. Love themes become less common and the background music gradually starts to sound a bit more serious again, becoming less synthy and turning into a mix of a new age and soft adult contemporary sound.
2000s-present: Sort of a return to basics for some with some modern instrumental themes mixing orchestral, soft rock, adult contemporary, and new age sounds.

Subject: Re: "Soap Opera" music

Written By: karen on 03/19/14 at 5:53 pm


I thought this was going to be a thread about soap opera actors/actresses who became singers

Subject: Re: "Soap Opera" music

Written By: CatwomanofV on 03/19/14 at 6:36 pm


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