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Subject: Arguing in American marriages: Adult (and good), or Childish (and bad)?

Written By: The Valley Goth on 03/21/14 at 12:31 am

Like, Hi, Fer Shurr,

So, do you believe that arguing within American marriages always was/ is a healthy, good privilege for Americans, or that it was/ is bad, unhealthy, and the cause of today's divorce rate?

I grew up around arguing, but, instead of seeing it as a bad, childish practice, I learned to see it as an activity that separated adults from children (Ie: Adults argue and argue, but kids are told to behave, so the arguing MUST be a cool, slightly erotic adult privilege).  I came to believe that the more awful the marital argument, the more cool it was, and that marital arguing was somehow sexy.

I still believe that marital arguments are super cool!  They keep your physical energy level high, and they make your life much, MUCH more exciting than it would be...if your marriage was "harmonious"; having a stormy marriage must be almost like being on a reality T.V. show, because the experience is physical, emotional, and thrilling!  The kids would NEVER get away with throwing each other's clothes out onto the lawn, or throwing vases across the room at each other, or yelling at illegal decibel levels, but YOU can TOTALLY do so (You're an adult, ant that's the ultimate privilege of the married adult) 7 P.M., and THEN have porn-style sex with your spouse the next day...because the excessive arguing made you BOTH even better in bed than you'd USUALLY be!

A boring marriage is one of my worst fears!  Those couples who argue, fight, separate and get back together, etc., are NEVER, EVER bored!

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