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Subject: Shark Movies

Written By: Ripley on 10/23/15 at 12:29 pm

I realize its almost winter (though summer is almost coming upon our Aussie friends), but I love shark movies and shows all year around.  Do any of you enjoy them as well?  I'm not talking about Ian Ziring making his way out of a flying shark using a chainsaw or sharks that live on sand.  Those Syfy originals are give and take.  I'm specifically referring to theater or even direct to video.  The only tv one I can think of off the top of my head that I actually enjoy is Malibu Shark Attack.  So what are some of your favorites and least favorites?

For me Deep Blue Sea is my most favorite, in fact its one of my favorite films of all time.  Every time its on tv I must watch it.  I enjoy the Jaws movies ovcourse, even the 3D one, which most people probably hate.  I'm not even a fan of 3D.  Shark Night wasn't that good to me.  Open Water 1 & 2 were not either.  With the first it was based on a true story.  All they know is true is they went missing while scuba diving.  The idea though of being abandoned, perhaps it was the Bermuda Triangle, in an endless body of water is terrifying.  But it still wasn't all that great.  The second one was not worth a second watch.  This should of been a Syfy original.  There is Reef which is better than these two.  Bait is a great Australian film.  In this there were three dilemas.  A Tsunami in a super market that's being held hostage plus sharks come inside to make it even more of a horror.  But none of these films can match the greatness of Jaws and Deep Blue Sea.  There is another one I would like to mention and that is Shark Tale.  This movie is awesome! 

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