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Subject: WB/UPN/CW

Written By: Ripley on 09/18/16 at 5:53 pm

In 2006 these channels, both around since 1995, became deseased upon the arrival of CW. Several of their shows moved over to it.

While I don't recall being that into any UPN shows, I had watched several from The WB since it's start. So naturally when The CW started I watched it. And there have been quite a few great shows on there. Especially at the start when One Tree Hill and Supernatural had came from The WB.

What all shows on all 3 networks did you watch? And what current CW shows, if any, do you watch? I still watch Supernatural but aside from that there isn't much TV I've had time to watch.

Subject: Re: WB/UPN/CW

Written By: Baltimoreian on 09/18/16 at 6:01 pm

My dad recorded an episode of Everybody Hates Chris around late 2005, when it was still airing on UPN. Other than that, I mostly heard of those channels as the merged CW.

Subject: Re: WB/UPN/CW

Written By: nally on 09/18/16 at 9:00 pm

Well, considering today is the 10th anniversary of the launch date of the CW, it is rather fitting that this topic has started. O0

Anyhoo, I don't really watch it much, except for the revival of Whose Line Is It Anyway (sometimes).

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