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Subject: Which is the most Americanized European country?

Written By: christopher on 03/03/18 at 6:48 am

It seems like Germany to me might be the most Americanized despite the different language.
First it had many US military garrisons (Augsburg even had an American High School).
Second, unlike most European countries they seem to be trying to be more accepting of foreigners due to their version of white guilt. No such thing exists in the Netherlands for example.
It is also a federal republic.
While the language is very different I think the American lifestyle there is bigger than in the UK - burgers, old big American cars and even American sports clubs are abundant:,10.8455459,11673m/data=!3m1!1e3

Do you think after the WWII Americans being stationed there and helping rebuilt the country influenced present-day German culture, making it a mix of traditional European and American styles and values?
While parts of Spain look Californian-like, I think in General Germany has that New England/Midwest feel in places, am I wrong? Also, I've seen Germans using many Americanism slang like "cool", etc. even on national TV. Meanwhile rest of Europe basically live in their bubbles where the US media is consumed only as entertainment but rarely anything is taken or copied directly. You'd be hard-pressed to ever hear "cool" said seriously by a French or Spanish person. Now I don't know how Germans treat newcomers/foreigners in general, but I would guess other countries to be more tribal, no?

I really want to go to the US but it seems like I'm stuck to Europe for a while. So which European country is as American as possible in your view? :)

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