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Subject: Make Your Own Sitcom

Written By: SeaCaptainMan97 on 03/15/18 at 1:27 am

My idea;

Slobby Murray's Band

Setting: Present Time
Place: Lukeshire, Virginia (based on Laurel, Virginia)

Main Character:

Murray Campbell - Male, 21 years old, white, red hair. Still lives with his parents. Eats unhealthily, drinks a lot of hard cider. Is a realist, but also tends to whine and complain a lot when something doesn't go his way. Is the lead singer of the band "The Five Saber Cats".

Band Members:

Andre Jones - Male, 22 years old, black, Dominican-American. Murray's best friend since elementary. Is also a realist, but unlike Murray, he also likes to end conflict and settle disputes between band members, as he doesn't like infighting within the band. Drummer of the band.

Xavier Perez - Male, 22 years old, hispanic, long black hair, beard. Meets Murray and Andre in Pilot Episode. A complete non conformist whom seems to have a negative attitude about everything. Often starts a lot of band infighting. Bassist of the band.

Terry Sullivan - Male, 21 years old, white, blonde Cobain style hair. Meets Murray and Andre in Pilot Episode. Also non conforming, but also seems to be very emotional and hints at a troubled childhood. Lead guitar player of the band.

Makayla Edwards - Female, 19 years old, white, caramel hair in a short pony tail. Meets Murray and Andre in Pilot Episode. Often dresses in a crop top and black jeans, even during cold weather. An on-again-off-again girlfriend for Murray, and when they're off again, they become awkward together when performing in the band. Cello player and backup vocalist of the band.

Family Members (all last named Campbell);

Carol - Female, 68 years old, white, short dirty-blonde hair graying. Murray's paternal grandmother. Moved in with the household 3 years prior after her husband (Murray's paternal grandfather) died of heart attack due to his poor eating habits, and due to that very incident, she gets on Murray's case a lot for his own poor eating habits, warning him that he may end up like his grandfather. Serves as the cook of the family, and is always at home.

Michael - Male, 45 years old, white, red hair. Murray's father. Hard working, even tempered, but doesn't seem to get on Murray's case much at all, as he wants him to follow his passion.

Katherine - Female, 43 years old, white, blonde hair. Murray's mother. Even tempered, sweet and loves her family, but also disapproves of Murray's lifestyle, and gets on his case a lot.

Mylo & Mason - Both Male, twins, 11 years old, white. Murray's brothers. Mylo has blonde hair and is a mischievous troublemaker. Mason has red hair and is usually sweet and innocent.

Molly & Maddie - Both Female, twins, 16 years old, white. Murray's sisters. Molly has blonde hair, is temperamental and bitchy, is often annoyed by her little brothers and patronizes them, and also seems to loathe Murray and fights with him constantly. Maddie has red hair, is way sweeter and kinder, adores her little brothers and loves getting hugs from Mason, and she also gets along very with Murray as well, is often asking him how his band is doing and what side projects he has planned.

Basic Synopsis - Murray is a punk burnout whom makes money off of being a local musician performing at theaters and parks in Richmond. His band mates are in the same situation, and one of his bandmates is his on-again-off-again girlfriend, and when they're off again, progress within the band becomes much harder. Interactions with his family members usually take place at breakfast or dinner time.
This show in many ways pays homage to That '70s Show as well.

Subject: Re: Make Your Own Sitcom

Written By: Rosequartz2000 on 03/16/18 at 8:56 pm

"That Autistic F**k!" starring Chris Chandler...

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