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Subject: What is your "picture" of every decade/social era?

Written By: 90s Guy on 03/21/18 at 5:30 pm

What is your "picture" of every decade/social era? Your mind's eye association of that decade?

For example:
Pre Elvis, Post War era (1945-1953): Grey. Men in red flannel jackets. Buzzcut hair. Conservative as hell decade socially. Women in poodle dresses. Grease (not the movie). Pollution. Rows of houses all looking the same. Dull colors. Big, gorgeous cars. Dour boring years with Old Ike as President. Inoffensive novelty songs with some early blues being played in early Bohemian circles and Black crowds. An undercurrent of unrest and social alienation. Lots of sex and babies. The high point of the working class man. Segregation. Early Civil Rights stuff, but not really an issue. Greaser Gangs with knives in their pockets ready to stab you and fears of juvenile deliquency. The bitter winter of the Korean War. How Much is that Doggy in the Window?

Subject: Re: What is your "picture" of every decade/social era?

Written By: Karioprkaj on 03/21/18 at 5:44 pm

1965-1968 (Beatles/Hippies)
1969-1972 (Hippie Hair/Long Sideburns/Bell Bottoms/Rock Music)
1973-1976 (Long Shaggy Hair/Bell Bottoms/Bright Colors/Disco)
1977-1980 (Long Shaggy Hair/Bell Bottoms/Disco/John Travolta)
1981-1984 (Toned Down Shaggy Hair/Farrah Fawcett Hair/Shoulder Pads/New Wave/Michael Jackson)
1985-1988 (Permy Mullets/Big Hair/Shoulder Pads/Top Gun)
1989-1992 (Mullets/Big Hair/Curtained Hair/Grunge Hair)
1993-1996 (Curtained Hair/Grunge Hair/Bob Cuts/Luke Perry)
1997-2000 (Curtained Hair/Frosted Spikes/Baby Spice Haircuts)
2001-2004 (Frosted Spikes/Bangs)
2005-2008 (Surfer Hair/Bangs)

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