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Subject: Do you feel the JFK assassination changed America forever?

Written By: 90s Guy on 06/13/18 at 10:23 pm

While I wasn't alive in 1963, I feel like the murder of JFK still is relevant today and it honestly seems like a lasting trauma just under the surface of this country that never has gone away, perhaps even more than 9/11 in a way. 9/11 was an event where thousands of people (whom most people didn't know) died as a result of external enemies; Kennedy's assassination was an event where one very well known and beloved man died horribly. There is also the "what could've been" questions that seem t always be asked IE "If JFK lived, would Vietnam have happened?" Whereas the "What ifs" post 9/11 are much more obvious (like, there's a 99% chance that if there is no 9/11, there is no Iraq War). I'm not trying to downplay 9/11; it traumatized me enough that I've mentally blocked out that day and cannot remember it all. But while I wasn't alive in 1963, anytime I see something regarding his murder I can't help but cry. Am I alone in feeling that his death really changed this country forever, and that its pain still echoes today? That it really is, and will always be, a big scar on our national psyche? I feel like the only President in our history who could be compared to JFK is Obama. Both were members of historically marginalized minority groups (Catholics prior to 1960, African Americans respectively) who were cool and brought hope and inspiration to millions of Americans. Both were in a sense the "people's president" in a way few others have been. Both had elegant wives who took a very public role and were well liked and at times overshadowed their husbands. Both were stylish and pop cultural icons. If Obama had been assassinated I think it would've been equally as traumatic. I can't say the same for really any other President.

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